Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting

Protection, Maintenance & Enhancement of Your Home

Protection & Maintenance

Whether you are considering painting your home for protection/maintenance or to improve its appearance, We are experts at meeting the specific goals for your project, developing a detailed written proposal, and helping you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are like most people, your home is your biggest investment. Painting your home is one of the best ways to protect your investment, and a good paint job is more dependent upon good surface preparation than any other factor. Whether your home’s paint is showing the normal deterioration of weather and age or there are specific areas of concern, We will uncover the damage and prepare your home with a focus on quality craftsmanship before applying beautiful, durable finishes.

Quality Work Starts with Quality Preparation

Our surface preparation techniques are designed to uncover and repair existing damage, protecting your home from water intrusion and air leaks.

With the appropriate surface preparation as a foundation, you can feel confident that a quality paint system tailored to your home’s particular needs will create a finish that will stand the test of time.

Using the right Paint System

The combination of primers and paints we apply, the paint system, is the combination of coatings that will stand between your home and the elements. With us, you receive only the best materials and a primer/paint pairing that takes into account all the unique characteristics of your home.

Only the Best Materials

We use only premium materials for a number of reasons. First, we know you wouldn’t expect anything less. Second, we wouldn’t want to compromise our good reputation with inferior products. Third, the majority of the cost of your project is labor and the savings from using low quality paint is almost meaningless in the scheme of things. Fourth, our painters like working with the best materials – they are much easier to work with and result in a superior finish. For all these reasons, we insist on only using the best products available and will explain to you exactly why we specify the products we do.

But only using premium products isn’t enough – it’s equally important to choose the right products – today’s premium paints are much more specialized than just a few years ago.

Additional Services we can Provide

Painting or staining your siding and trim are one thing, but what if your project requirements are more complex? We can take care of it, we are a full service painting contractor.

No need to worry about carpentry repairs that are a normal part of the painting process, or deck refinishing, porch floor finishing or pressure washing non-painted surfaces. We have experience handling every type of painting challenges.

Enhancing the Appearance of your Home

Using fresh paint to make your home look it’s very best is surely one of your most important goals. This may involve choosing new colors, and how they will be used. Whatever your ideas for how you want your home to look, we can make them a reality.

Choosing Colors

If you don’t already have your colors picked out, we can help you choose. During our appointment we can give you color guidance, talk about current color trends, and provide you with designer-developed color combinations.

There are also a number of color selection tools on this website. If you’d rather use a professional color consultant, we can set that up for you as well. Finally, once you have the colors selected we can make sure they match your vision by applying some samples to your home. Then you can get input from family and friends, as well as see how the colors work together in different light. Whether your vision is monochromatic, polychromatic, bold, or subdued – we can help you find the color combination your are looking for.

Color Placement is just as Important as Color Choice

A color scheme incorporating three, four, or more colors can look awkward unless careful thought is put into color placement. With experience painting thousands of homes just like yours, we help you work out color arrangement so that specific architectural details are played up (like leading the eye to the entryway) and others are played down (do you really want the garage door to be a focal point? we didn’t think so!)

Deciding if the front door should be an accent color or a deeper tone of the body color, if the windows should be two-tone or one solid color, if the fascia or cornice should include an inset color or be solid white – these are the types of choices we can help with (and provide suggestions for) that can turn an average paint job into a paint job of tremendous pride and curb appeal.

Feeling Comfortable with Our Crew Around Your Home

The crew on your project is made up of career painters, most of whom have been with us for many years. We only employ professional, full-time painters with a proven dedication to their craft. To find out more about our staff and crews, meet our team.

Besides the painting-specific tasks, we take great care in protecting your property and returning them to their original locations once the work is finished. Additionally, we maintain a neat and orderly worksite and clean up thoroughly at the end of each day to minimize disruption while the project is in progress.

Each day we will update you on what was accomplished and what is to happen next. Just let us know how you want to communicate – in person, by phone, in email, or through some other means.

The Color of Certainty

Professional craftsmanship. Meticulous preparation. Color choice and placement help. Hitting your timelines. Attention to every detail. If you are looking for a painting company that seeks to understand your goals and deliver a great painting experience, schedule your free estimate today