Our Motto

We provide thorough, high-quality interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting and wall coverings with first-rate customer service. We will provide the same painting service for you and your family as we do for our own families.

Our Mission Statement

“The Mission of CertaPro Painters® of Springfield is to strive at all times to provide the highest quality, most professional services in our industry with unsurpassed value, quality and integrity.”

Our Policies

· We will remember that our customers are never an interruption or a bother regardless of when they need us. The very reason CertaPro Painters of Springfield exists as a company is to serve our customers.

· We will serve our customers effectively and treat them as we personally would like to be treated.

· We will set the highest professional standards when providing our services.

· We will not “run down” our competition, but instead strive to set an example, and thereby call everyone in our industry to the highest of standards.

· When we give our word, we will keep it, and we will stand behind our work.

· Our prices will be fair and competitive but still enable a reasonable profit so that we may have the stability and the strength to continue to serve our community responsibly, and to provide for the families that make up this company.

· We seek to always provide a working environment that is (1) centered on serving our clients, (2) committed to training and education, (3) emphasizes respect for the individual, (4) encourages a family atmosphere and teamwork, and (5) rewards innovation, dedication, professionalism and loyalty toward our customers and the fulfillment of our Mission.

CertaPro Painters is proudly serving Springfield, MO and beyond, including Nixa, Ozark, Branson, Republic, Rogersville and all surrounding communities.

Our Vision

While serving on active duty as a Marine Officer for six years, my way of thinking was transformed for the rest of my life.  The core attributes that were instilled in me were professionalism, accountability, leadership by example, integrity, and dependability.

The above listed attributes are the bedrock for CertaPro Painters of Springfield, Missouri.  My vision is to grow a professional painting company that takes care of its customers, painters and community.

I fully believe that if you take care of those around you, you will in turn, also be taken care of. With that being said, I will hold my painters accountable for their work as I will hold myself accountable for my leadership decisions.  I will create a team of professionals who take pride in their work and have the integrity to do what’s right regardless of the situation.  My endstate is to create an extraordinarily positive experience for every customer of CertPro Painters of Springfield, MO.