Special 15 Percent Discount Through April

Hello to our Calgary community.

If you’re anything like us, you’re feeling cooped up right now, eager to be productive. Your kids are out of school, your favorite hobbies are cancelled. You need a diversion beyond TV binges.

We’d like to help. We know that the home improvement project you were planning for the spring hasn’t magically gone away because of the Coronavirus. Therefore, we are offering a 15% discount on all residential painting projects started after April 1. We’re hopeful this will give you something to focus on, something to be excited about, something to accomplish.

Painting with Social Distancing

We make this offer with the priority of your health utmost in mind. We are taking steps to ensure our customers’ safety during this time. This includes:

  • Using video conferencing software to virtually assess and discuss estimates
  • Being even more mindful of our already extremely detail-oriented preparation and cleaning processes
  • Wearing gloves and other protective gear
  • Keeping a safe distance from others at all times

External projects can of course be handled easily without direct contact or risk, but interior work is also still viable and safe. Since you are going to be in your house for the foreseeable future, you might as well give it a beautiful new look!

Let’s Do This Together

We know you want to remain productive during this time. We know your home improvement needs can’t go on hiatus with the rest of the country. We want you to feel supported by your community and by your friends at CertaPro Painters® of South Calgary.

That’s why we are here for you, ready to improve your home safely and efficiently. We respect your family and your home and are joined in the desire to keep our community safe and beautiful.

If you would like to take advantage of these savings, please click the Contact Us button below to schedule a free estimate. We look forward to helping you get through this time with a lovely new paint job.