Trending Interior Paint Colors

At CertaPro Painters® of Shrewsbury we have completed numerous interior painting projects, placing emphasis on color choice in correlation with trending shades. Color choice for interior design is an essential piece in bringing character into your home. Colors have a powerful effect on how we perceive a space, and in turn can have an impact on our mood. This is why we want to keep up with current color trends when deciding on color for our interior spaces. As a homeowner, it is rewarding to see your style and vision come to life in designing the interior of your home. Here are some trending colors that you’ll want to keep in mind for the interior of your home.

Teal is the first color we’re going to look at. Teal is a greenish-blue shade that invites a calming and relaxing ambience. This color is trending in 2021 due to its cool and crisp versatility, rendering it a great option in any part of the home. Teal will coordinate well with warm neutral colors, and textures such as natural wood, rustic elements, and gold brass.

Light Yellow is another popular color that’s trending in 2021. Light Yellow brings energy and clarity into the room where it resides. Yellow is the brightest color on the spectrum, so it carries a mood of positivity and creativity that cannot be found in other colors. Light yellow is often used as an accent color because of its strength in presence, but can work well as an interior paint color when paired with cooler neutral colors to balance out the room. Shades of grey, white and black would work nicely in this scenario.

Sage green is another great choice in 2021, inspired as one of the most common colors found in nature, evoking a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. This is another versatile interior color, as it is frequently used in the bedroom, living room, and other common areas. Sage green has a darker hue to it, therefore it can be complimented with a combination of warm and cold neutrals to bring balance to the room. This will allow you to take full advantage of sage green’s innate elegance.

If you can envision these colors and ideas as catalysts to transform your house into a home, or if you have any ideas of your own, please contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate. You can also check out all of the residential services that we offer, as well as view out portfolio to see projects that we’ve already completed. We look forward to talking with you soon!