Pro Tips for Interior Painting Before the Holidays

You cannot deny fall is upon us, and then our families will be rolling into town to converge for the holidays. It’s an exciting, busy and stressful time of year. If you wanted to get your interior updated with paint before the holiday decor goes up, now is the time to move. Here are 6 pro tips for interior painting before the holidays.

Professionals can take a bit longer than grabbing a can of paint and painting on the walls. When it comes to the pressure of hosting, why not let our pros help you out. They are more available this time of year and can get your project done surprisingly quickly. Here are their considerations to get your started.

1. Prioritize

Have a thorough look over your house. Make a list of needs and wants when it comes to paint. There might be rooms that absolutely need paint, while others might fall into the want category. If your main gathering rooms are in need, that could be a need, while a spare room that may or may not get used could be a want.

2. Palette

When you take on a set of rooms, consider a cohesive palette for a tied in look. A stylish color flowing from room to room can create a magazine worth home with very little effort. Rooms with in eye sight of each other should be considered when you choose the colors. Also, ahead of the holidays it can be tempting to go all in on holiday looks, but the paint will remain after the holidays are long gone. Choose wisely with a neutral that sets off holiday decor but it liveable year round.

3. Focus

Keep your focus on areas where your family tends to congregate for get togethers. Even when the living room is lovely and newly painted, the family may end up hanging around the kitchen island. If this is true, consider adding kitchen to the paint list.

4. Cabinets

Cabinets are high touch and high impact. They can age very quickly and look less than stellar quickly. Cabinets are an expensive update, but before you decide to go that route, you have an option. If your cabinets are in decent shape and just need some minor repairs, why not refinish them with new paint. It will save your wallet some heartache and still give you a new feel in the kitchen.

Remember, the holidays are for fun and family. Getting ready to host is half the fun. If you want painting work done but you are not equipped to handle it yourself, schedule a free, in-home estimate with our crew. It’s no obligation!