Paint Your Office to Increase Productivity

Work from home is becoming much more common in the recent years and having a functional office space is key. At CertaPro Painters® of Shrewsbury we often see home office spaces get neglected when it comes to interior design but it is actually very important to pay attention to this space. If you or a family member work from home, keep reading for tips on how to make your at-home office space more productive.

Paint Color – People tend to underestimate the power of paint color. Often we chose a neutral because it seems to be the easiest and safest option. However, the impact of color on our emotions and mood is real. There are many benefits to choosing a paint color that is known to increase productivity.

  1. Blue: Stimulates the mind and helps you stay focused.
  2. Red: Stimulates the body and increases energy levels.
  3. Yellow: Stimulates emotions and helps promote creativity.

Other Tips:

Clean and Organize – It is very hard to be productive in a space that is filled with clutter. It is important to take the time to get rid of as much as possible and only keep what you absolutely need. Invest in quality organizational storage bins, they are worth the money and they will last for year to come.

Add Décor- Just because this is a space where work needs to be completed, doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with things you enjoy. Hang pictures, or cards from loved ones and pick out a few art pieces that inspire you.

Lighting- This is another key element when it comes to an office space. You need ample lighting but you still want it to feel homey. Try out different lighting options to see what works best for you but we would always recommend a dimmer light for your office space.

Do you have an office space that needs painting? The first step is schedule a free, no obligation estimate. You can do this by filling out the form online or by calling us at  800-689-7271. We look forward to talking to you soon!