5 Fence Paint Colors to Refresh your Curb Appeal

Good fences make good neighbors, especially when they are painted to enhance curb appeal. Don’t let your wooden, metal or pvc fence fall into disrepair. Add color and give your home a new look by painting the fence or your entire home. Here are 5 fence paint colors to refresh your curb appeal.

Fences are often forgotten elements or blended into the property. Instead of aiming to look invisible, make your fence a statement. Always test the fence colors before you start painting. You will also want to check in with any governing bodies for approved colors.

Before you start grabbing colors, look at your current exterior colors and other elements in your yard. If your property is fairly colorful, with several colors on your home and additional flora around it, your fence color should remain neutral. For properties that are more neutral, use a fence color to allow it to pop. Here are some successful colors to get you started.


Fences are by and large white. It’s a classic fence color for a reason. For traditional style homes and fences, a pristine white is great. It works with any color palette. With that, it can take a good amount of upkeep. White is often stained or dirty and needs more maintenance than some other colors. Still, it’s a great look against gardens and trees.

white fence

Wood Stain

Another unfussy look is to go with a natural color on wood. Using a stain, rather than paint, allows wood grain to show through while protecting the fencing so it will last longer. Stains come in many colors from barely there to nearly black. This works really well for rustic fences that still need protection from the elements.


While black fences sound intense, the color reads neutral to eyes. If your home is more modern metal or your property leans more trendy, black is a great option. Black fences are a way to set your property apart while letting the colors on your home and yard to stand apart.


For very forward thinking homeowners, blue fences are cropping up on properties all over. The color is great for a home that is neutral with a more plain landscape. Soft blues, like gray, white or beige, need contrast to avoid blending in. Using a blue fence will do just the trick. Professional painters have seen an uptick in fences in every blue, ranging from pale to royal and everything in between.


Gray is showing up in every sort of home painting. When used on a fence, this color is versatile enough to work with any style home or fence. The color combines the edge of black with the classic feeling of white. Painting gray on metal fences works well, and gray stains are perfect for wooden fences.

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