10 Paint Color Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Give your powder room a pop of color with a new paint job. Working in small bathrooms can seem limiting when it comes to colors. Explore these 10 paint color ideas for small bathrooms from our interior painter pros.

Powder rooms and guest baths are a great place to step outside of your comfort zone with color ideas. The rooms are more rarely used and smaller than a traditional room. Take this opportunity to live on the wild side of color choices.


Teal has made a vibrant statement in guest baths as a modern and vivid option. Paired with white and black fixtures, backsplash and art, you’ll have a stylish bathroom for guests to visit.


Before you start with the rules about black remember this color has jumped from runways to nail polishes to walls. When done right, black can be very sophisticated in a small bath. Choose silver accents and fixtures to make the room shine.


Metallics are in vogue. Choosing a color like copper allows you to give the shiny color an antique feel. Turn your bathroom elegant with copper walls and rustic fixtures paired with marble. The interesting mixture of textures will wow guests, according to our interior painters.


Magenta works well in a girly way. Avoid overwhelming the room by incorporating the bright pink into a mural or graphic accent. Use black, white and gray to make the room more gender neutral.

Powder Blue

It makes sense that a powder room should be powder blue. If you’re not into vibrant colors but want something more than white, create a happy but subdued room with powder blue and pops of sunny yellow.

Pretty Plum

Give your bathroom a royal makeover by mixing plum walls with deep wood cabinets. It’s a rustic and contemporary look that mixes styles in a perfect way.

Neon Yellow

Let the sunshine in with a bright yellow pattern. It’s a youthful and happy vibe for a small, windowless room. Just remember that you should keep the fixtures and decor to a minimum so you don’t overwhelm the room.

Cherry Red

Go vivid! Think cherry on top of a sundae with this color. This is a great option for a secondary bathroom that is mostly utilized by kids. Decorate the space with black and white for a retro feel.


If red stresses you out, go green! Green is a soothing and relaxing color for your bathroom. Create a spa-like feel by adding white fixtures. You’ll have a tranquil space that is fresh as can be.

Burnt Orange

Deep colors like burnt orange go perfectly with white. It’s important to create balance. One way is matching it with white wainscoting on the walls. This creates a cottage feel with vibrant colors and style for days.

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