Tim KeplerResidential Sales Associate

Phone: 404-388-7499

Tim has spent the majority of his career in the Print and Advertising Agency business.

He built a prosperous print brokerage group in the mid to late nineties, developing the company to 20+ employees, with annual revenue exceeding $4,000,000.

He then converted his brokerage group into OneSource Marketing, a thriving Advertising Agency, with 60+ employees and $35,000,000 annual revenue.

Tim has also attained success in the technology field with the launch of ViewStart, an Online Video Transformation Company. There he successfully implemented product into e-Bay and Nike.

He also participated in the successful launch of a Digital Marketing Technology Agency for Franchisor’s/Franchisee’s. While there he delivered a multibillion-dollar company within the first twelve months.

His focus is on idea-driven marketing grounded in operational reality, leaning heavily on research, strategic planning, data analytics, technology, and tactical deployment.

Some of Tim’s senior-level client relationships have included Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Georgia-Pacific, Coca-Cola, The Dow Chemical Company, Shaw Industries, Nike, eBay, American Greetings and Worldspan.