Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Painting

Exterior painting helps boost your curb appeal and protect it from the elements. It’s one of the most effective ways to transform your house without undergoing a complete renovation. If you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your home, you probably have some questions.

At CertaPro Painters® of Rockland County, our team of professional exterior painters has come up with a list of the most frequently asked questions about exterior painting.

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How often should my home’s exterior be painted?  

Most of our customers repaint their exteriors around every seven years. We recommend you walk around your home every spring to look for split wood, peeling, or cracking caulk. You’ll want to address these minor problems before they turn into major ones. Taking care of these problems once you notice them can help prolong how long your paint will last.

Why is my exterior paint fading or peeling?

Exterior paint will fade due to sun exposure, age, use of inferior quality paint, or only applying one coat. Peeling is typically caused by age, moisture, or bad preparation before painting.

How long will it take to paint the exterior of my house?

The time needed for an exterior painting project varies due to the house’s size and the project complexity. We can generally complete a project in 3-4 days, with a typical crew size of three to four painters.

Do I need to be home, and how do we prepare for an exterior painting project? 

Although you don’t need to be there for the duration, it’s best to be there when we start the project and certainly for the final walk-through. We’ll need access to a water supply and electricity. You should also prepare to have bushes or trees pared back a few feet from the surfaces being painted.

What preparation do you do before my house painting begins?

Several days before we start your exterior painting project, we’ll pressure wash any surfaces being painted to remove mildew, dirt, debris, and peeling paint. We’ll let you know ahead of time when we’re going to do this, so you can ensure your windows and doors are closed. Next, we’ll check for peeling paint which will be scraped and/or sanded down, and we’ll also caulk in the proper gaps and cracks in the wood. An appropriate primer is selected and applied to any bare wood before final coats begin.

How do you protect my property?

We use drop cloths and cover your windows with a plastic film to protect your property when performing an exterior painting project. We’ll also gently cover landscaping with appropriate protection to prevent overspray or paint from getting on them.

How do you apply the paint?

For large surfaces, we typically spray and then “back-roll.” For smaller areas, we roll the paint on. When we back-roll, it distributes the paint more evenly. We’re very careful in masking to prevent any overspray. If you request it, we can apply the paint by brush, but please be aware that it’s more labor-intensive and adds additional time and therefore cost.

Are there any weather limitations to when we can paint?

Although paint can be applied when the air temperature is above 35 degrees, we usually wait until it’s a little warmer to make sure it doesn’t go below that temperature overnight. Temperatures in Rockland County rarely reach an extreme heat that would prevent us from painting.

Do I need to do any repairs before you come?

We can do most wood repairs ourselves and will include that in our proposal. If your house has extreme damage, we have partners that we work with to ensure the wood is taken care of properly and professionally.

How do I choose the right exterior paint color?

We can provide you with sample color brochures, and we recommend once you’ve narrowed it down that you get a pint sample in that color and apply it to two different sides of your house. This technique will help you see the color in different lighting. You can also check out the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer.

Can you match my existing paint color or a color from another house that I like?

Yes, we can match any color you show us. All we need is a small sample that we take from the house and our paint supplier will do a computer match.

What finish do you recommend?

The exterior finishes we recommend depend on which part of the house we’re painting. Glossier paints are recommended for doors and trim. For siding, you want to avoid highly reflective paint that will highlight imperfections, so we suggest a flat or low luster finish. Low luster typically has a longer duration but will show imperfections, so the decision is usually based on your siding’s condition.

Can aluminum or vinyl siding be painted?

Both aluminum and vinyl siding can be painted, and we paint many houses every year with these types of surfaces. Please be aware that some colors are limited when painting vinyl, as darker colors can result in warping from sun exposure. We use Sherwin Williams Vinyl Safe Technology products to prevent this from happening.

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