Benefits of Painting Your New House Before You Move In

Not all sellers repaint their home before listing. That’s where we come in! CertaPro Painters® of Rockland County offers expert interior painting services that can help you transform the home you’re buying into the home of your dreams.

Here are some benefits of having our professional painters paint your new home before move-in day:

Choose colors you like. Color is a personal choice. Maybe the house you’re looking at checks all your boxes, but every room is the same color—and it’s a color you don’t really like. When you paint the house before you move in, you’re in charge of the color scheme. We can supply you with color brochures and let you know what color palettes are popular.

The space is empty. After the house is cleared out, you may notice things that were once covered by window treatments or furniture. A fresh coat of paint will fix any dings, dents, or faded spots. It’s also easier to paint your house before your furniture arrives. And if you want to resurface the floors, you can get them done right after you paint.

You don’t have to live through the painting. If you want to avoid disruption, painting your house before you move in eliminates those issues. Our crews are reliable, trustworthy, licensed, and insured. You don’t even have to be present while we paint your new home.

Paint as soon as you close. Contact us once you have a closing date, and we can schedule a time to do the estimate. We often find that you can coordinate with the seller or through your realtor to get into the property ahead of the closing date. We can talk about colors, which rooms you want to paint, and get you an itemized proposal. If everything works out, we can come in right after you close to start painting.

Refresh the walls. When you walk into your new home, you may notice faded or peeling paint that you hadn’t seen before. Worry not. These are simple fixes that we can address quickly. We pride ourselves on meticulous prep work. We’ll fix drywall, fill any holes or cracks on your walls and ceilings, switch out trim and molding, and perform light carpentry as needed. Then, we can prime and paint. Check out our Google reviews and portfolio to get a better sense of our work and finished projects.

Do you want to repaint your new house before you move in? Click here to schedule your free estimate!