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Library Painting Project in Rochester Hills, MI

Getting ready to reopen, the Rochester Hills Library management team wanted a fresh new look for their conference room that toned down the bright green to a more relaxed casual white.  Time was of the essence as the job needed to be completed quickly during off hours.


The bright green color of the original paint required special attention to detail when applying primer and the replacement color.

Ceilings in the foyer exhibited damage and required drywall repair and paint touch ups. Parts of this ceiling were 20 feet high.

The project had to be completed quickly during evening hours to not disturb daytime operation.


  • Bright base coat to be covered with a neutral color
  • Drywall damage on parts of the ceiling
  • Ceiling divided into sections of differing heights up to 20 feet


  • Paint – scrape, full prime and multi-coat finish
  • Drywall repair – mitigate bubbling in drywall from previous damage and repaint to match other ceiling areas
  • Special equipment – special ladders and extension poles were used to reach parts of the ceiling


Started: June 2020
Duration: 4 hours


Before the project began we did an assessment of the interior. Drywall damage was identified and fixed prior to embarking on commercial priming and painting.

Drywall Damage

Drywall Damage

Parts of the ceiling had water damage and other issues that needed repair prior to painting.

Bright Base Color

Bright Base Color

The color to be replaced was bright and needed several coats of primer and paint to ensure the proper look.

High Ceilings

High Ceilings

Parts of the ceiling reached 20 feet and required special equipment for drywall repair and painting.


After completion, the library’s conference room had a much more professional look and feel with the choice of a soft white color. The library’s foyer was more inviting after paint touch ups and drywall repair.

Library Conference Room After Painting

Library Conference Room After Painting

Covering the outdated green paint with a soft white results in a much more relaxed and casual conference room feel.