Donations For Steve & Leo Ortner from East Setauket

Posted on March 28, 2022

On behalf of Jim Lafontaine…

On 2/18/222, a fire broke out in a home in E. Setauket. Tragically, a young mother lost her life. Her 10-month-old son and her fiance, Steven, have just been transferred together from ICU to the burn unit for further treatment.

Although both have a long road to recovery, they both lost more than a mother’s love and life in the fire and can use the following via donations.

    • Steven (Dad) Ortner: Due to his burns: size 2x or 3x shirts, socks, XL underwear, 1x or 2x sweatpants.
    • Leo (baby) Ortner: (has already received some of these items): cloths size 8-24 months, baby wipes, diapers size 5+6 swaddle, baby gate(s), large bottles, sippy cups, toys (new only). It has also been shared with us that Leo’s mother loved to read to him as Leo loves books. So we are asking for donations of books so he can continue to have a love of reading.

They will also need a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment rental (A plus if local to Stony Brook University).

We have made arrangements to have all donations dropped off at the office, and Jim will drop them off at Steven’s Aunt’s home. For more information, please call our office and speak with Courtney at 631-260-4584. We appreciate all your help and support for a local family.