House Painting: Hire a Pro

Painting can seem at first like a fairly easy home improvement job, for a do-it-yourself inclined homeowner. You wouldn’t take apart your fridge yourself, or rip apart the air conditioner without at least a bit of research though. Painting your home is no different.

Painting projects can be completed with great results but it all depends on the project and skills of the homeowner. Here are some things to consider when house painting yourself vs hiring a professional painter.


Some homes are harder to paint than others. A simple box-shaped, single level home is far easier to take on than a vaulted foyer with intricate skylights. The first option can be completed fairly easily. The second will require specialized tools and ladders to complete.

If you feel uneasy on anything other than a step-stool, get a quote for a professional crew to come take care of the project.


If your home has intricate design details, this will add heavily to the difficulty and time required to complete the job. Nooks or gingerbread detail are hard to access, let alone paint. It will require ladders and cramming yourself into uncomfortable positions.

Heights can make the most steadfast feel woozy. If you are unsure about getting up to paint, it might be time to hire a pro.


This is particularly important if you are looking to paint your exterior of your home.

Is the ground around your foundation mostly flat? Will it be easy to set a ladder safely for you to work? Angles and slopes can cause a Cat in the Hat worksite.

For safety, experts have not only the know-how but the tools to keep them safe on ladders or ground. They are familiar with techniques to move around bushes, doors, fences and other potential stopping blocks.


Preparation for your project should take at least two-thirds of your work time. That number grows if you are not a professional with skills and knowledge to move swiftly from removing hardware, patching and sanding.

An experienced painter also comes with a truck full of tools that may be needed on the project. More than likely, you’ll have to stop and run to the store. If you run into peeling, rotten wood or mildew and leaks, you’ll have to find a pro or try to address the repairs yourself.


It’s really important to know the last time your home was painted. Was it before 1978? If so, you will need to consult an expert to come test for lead paint.

A lead based painting project can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. A test can be performed before you start work to determine if you have lead paint and need to take additional precautions while working.


Within the budget you set aside for your project, you’ll need to consider the costs for purchasing or renting the tools you’ll need. For the estimate, the materials and labor are both included. This means no surprise trips to the big box store for more primer.

The experts using the tools will be able to work more efficiently having the knowledge of the tools. Ladder, power washer and other rentals, plus a learning curve can add to both the cost and the time necessary for your work.


Painting takes a fair amount of skills and patience. If you have worked on smaller painting projects and found the work tedious and frustrating, this might be the time to bring in help. Tricks of the trade will allow the crew you hire to produce a flawless finished product in less time.


Taking on a project like painting an entire room or the exterior of your house is far more physically demanding than many expect. Are you ready for the climbing and reaching that will be required over several days. Strength and fitness will be required to a particular extent. To get the job done, you’ll need to be able to perform repetitive movements with your arms as you paint, as well as reaching over your head.


Never underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete this job. An estimate may include the amount of hours the job is expected to take. Don’t be fooled by this! That estimated time includes a full, experienced crew of workers. You’ll be one person working alone. Novice painters will have to find their way through the project, further slowing you down.

A professional painter will clock in for an 8-hour shift. Homeowners get distracted with other responsibilities and can find it difficult to put in a full 8 hours per day.

Feeling ready to paint?

If you’re committed to doing it yourself, great! We hope it works out perfectly for you.

If you are unsure about going it alone, we’re here for you. Call CertaPro Painters® of Peoria, AZ at 623-561-1634 or click here for a free estimate.