Fence Colors to Refresh your Curb Appeal

Though often forgotten, a fence is a major design element of your exterior. Don’t hide it or let it be an eyesore, flaunt it. Especially for more neutral and natural color palettes, a stylish fence color can be just the design element to make your house stand out. Even if you’re working with vibrant colors, fences should not be excluded. Here are fence colors to refresh your curb appeal from the painting experts at CertaPro Painters of Peoria, AZ.

While most homes in Peoria aim to blend their fence into their landscape and property, avoid it! Whether your fence is metal or wooden, you have the opportunity to add some style and color. Always test your color and stains before committing fully to it. Take into account the colors not just on your home, but in the landscaping too. Here are ideas to get you started.

Black is Regal

While black feels like an odd choice, remember the color reads neutral. Black is perfect for more modern or metal style fences. It will work with any colors that are incorporated through landscaping and painting. It also can work as your pop of color. A white home with blue shutters and a black fence is perfect for Peoria. Or consider a beige house with black trim and fence. Either works just as well. Green or arid landscapes work well against a black fence. The color also works equally well on wooden or metal fences.

Blue is Fun

Blue in a pale or bright hue can be a fun pop on your property. When working with an exterior that is more bland, blue is a beautiful way to allow colors like gray, white and beige to pop. Blue will add contrast and allow the color to show through. Our color consultants have recommended blues from dusty to royal and every shade between.

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Gray is Stylish

Gray has had a renaissance in all areas of home color. The color is showing up inside, outside, and as an accent. Gray works really well in a monochromatic color scheme where light, medium, and dark grays are used together. That doesn’t mean that colors can’t be used with gray, it’s perfect together. This is because gray blends to edges of classic black and crisp white together. Because gray comes in stain or paint, you can use it as either. It will also lend itself to metal or wooden fences.

Wood Stain is Natural

Some Peoria homeowners utilize wooden fences for their natural beauty. If you want to protect the wood but retain the wooden look, consider using a wood stain, rather than paint. The colors of stain are varied and come in colors from nearly black or clear. This is a great way to retain natural looks while protecting the wood beneath. It’s an unfinished and unfussy look for those who wish it.

White is Classic

Classic white is classic white for good reason. Traditional thinking was that homeowners want a white picket fence. While picket might not be your style, white can be. With any colors and styles on your house, a white fence will work style-wise. Before you commit to white, remember that it will require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. While it works well with lush, green landscapes, remember that rust stains from sprinklers and debris from trees can stain your white fence. With a bit of upkeep, you can keep it looking pristine.

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