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Colour Consulting Services for Ottawa Area Residents

We understand it can be difficult to choose the right colour for your interior or exterior walls. We also know that most people do not have the experience we do with painting different colours. Many of our customers are only dissatisfied with our services because they are not satisfied with the colour they chose. They expected the colour would turn out much differently than what actually ended up on the wall. This breaks our hearts because we only want to make our customers happy with our painting services.

To help our customers in the best way possible, we are offering colour consultation services to anyone who decides to hire our team of professional painters. Keep reading to find out what this service offers you as a CertaPro Painters® customer.


My husband and I had our heart set on a colour we choose from the Sherwin Williams website until we saw what it would look like on our walls. We trusted our CertaPro Painters® colour consultant and we couldn't be happy with paint job and colour.

- Jennifer Cuzak

Jennifer Cuzak

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What Our Colour Consultants Do for Our Customers

After performing an estimate on the painting project, we ask our customers if they would like the services of our colour consultant. If so, we set up a time for that person to come to your home with swatches of colours.

The meeting is brief, but long enough to ensure you understand and are completely confident in the colour you have chosen for your home. Our colour consultants are professionals at colour consulting and they have a great deal of experience in matching and coordinating colours with many different decors. No job is too difficult for our team.

The colour consultant will put up large swatches of colour on the wall. They will also show you a colour visualizer we use to show you what the colour of the walls will look like in the room. Once you see many different shades and colours, the colour consultant will recommend the one she/he feels is best and then the final decision is left to you.

Our colour consultant will never steer you towards one colour or another. They will only provide recommendations based on their experience and knowledge. You will feel as though you have the information needed to make a choice you’ll be happy with once the painting services are performed.

What We Paint and Colour Consult On In and Outside Your Home

Below you will see many examples of the colour consulting we can do for your home. These are just examples. We have performed colour consulting on many other areas, such as garages, barns, churches, and office buildings.

Colours for Transitioning Interior Walls

Colours for Transitioning Interior Walls

Going from one room to the next in your home should feel like you're flowing through your home with peace and serenity. With our colour combination recommendations, you will be able to achieve this feeling in your home.

Promote Sleep and Relaxation with Colour

Promote Sleep and Relaxation with Colour

Choosing just the right colour for your bedroom will help you sleep better, and enjoy life more because you will not be so tired all the time. Our colour consultant can help you choose just the right colour for you.

Impress and Welcome Guests with Colour

Impress and Welcome Guests with Colour

The front door of your home is what guests see and experience first. Give your guests the best welcome possible with just the right colour for your front door and trim on the exterior of your home. This will lead to a great curb appeal boost!

Entry Way Pizazz with Colour

Entry Way Pizazz with Colour

Brand New Colour for a Brand New Look

Brand New Colour for a Brand New Look

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