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Bosak Motors is an ownership group with a total of five (5) dealerships in Northwest Indiana that CertaPro Painters has performed interior and or exterior work at each of them. In April, we were contacted by the company for painting that was needed at their Honda dealership in Highland, IN.

They recently found water damage in their dealership due to failures in the sealants and the EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finishing System), which required removal and replacement of the areas of EIFS that were causing the issue and application of sealants on other areas of the building where water damage was likely to be found. The EIFS work was completed by another contractor, but the newly installed EIFS did not match the brand colors required by Honda.

We were requested to provide a proposal and paint the entire EIFS components due to new areas and the fact that it had been about five (5) years since it was painted last, and it had faded and was dirty due to its positioning close to a well-traveled U.S. highway. It has been our best practice recommendation for maintenance exterior painting every 5-7 years. Our recommendation comes from our extensive knowledge of the weather conditions in the Midwest, as well as keeping to company brand standards.

We were initially asked to provide a quote to just repaint to freshen up the exterior and to ensure the colors were to match the branding requirement of Honda. However, due to the recent water issues and the known concerns of EIFS siding, we also provided an option to furnish and install Sherwin-Williams Loxon XP, Waterproofing Masonry Coating. Loxon XP, when applied in two coats does provide a high build coating with excellent flexibility and weather resistance. The proposal also included pressure washing and caulking of gaps and holes along window ledges, door frames and from previous lighting fixtures and surveillance camera mounts that were removed.

Although, our professional commercial painting crew completed the project in one (1) week, there were a few special challenges on the project, with the first being that Loxon XP requires application between at least 14-18 mils wet to achieve the high build necessary to create waterproofing. The second challenge was that the project was completed during business hours and took place at or near the service entrances which have a lot of vehicles traffic. By creating a project plan and sharing it with the Service Manage daily helped avoid business interruptions and the safety of our crew during these times. Finally, since the project involved a branded business in a high-profile area, it required to be completed as soon as weather temperatures would allow, working in April in the Midwest with high build coatings can be challenging, but our crew performed to the task.

View some of our work on the project below!

Bosak Honda Highland

Bosak Honda Highland

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