Willy RamirezResidential Production

Phone: N/A

Why did you join the CertaPro team?
A good friend of mine told me that he worked for a good company. I traveled from Miami to Destin to work with him as his assistant and he was not wrong. Thanks to CertaPro for providing a lot of help in personal and work development, I am now production manager of a good company that I like to be a part of.

Why are you and your position important?
The production manager is very important because it is the connection between the three areas of the company, painter, customers, and sales. if those three departments don’t work together, production may stop and it’s a bad thing for the company

Why is the position important to you and your family?
it is very important to me and my family because it gives us stability and apart we will be able to give work and stability for so many other families possible