Ana Reyes

Phone: N/A

Why did you join the CertaPro team?
Personal circumstances caused me to quit my previous job and stay at home for an indefinite period of time but my wishes to keep professionally active drove me to search for alternate options, and then Certapro appeared as a perfect one for continuing developing myself into laboral life.

Why are you and your position important?
Job execution/painting is important and the main purpose of the business but it will not be possible without all the back job required to properly ensure a good flow and there I go! Doing all administrative tasks and propitiating a good process continuity and communication with our customers.

Why is the position important to you and your family?
I’ve always thought that happiness is a factor, every person needs to find their unique formula for. For me, my professional development is highly important, without this I do not feel comfortable, having this job has become a huge personal satisfaction as it allows me to continue my development, but also fitting into my personal needs. Of course, the income received allows me and my family to improve our lives.