Pressure Washing in Northridge, CA and Nearby Areas

Pressure Washing in California

We offer pressure washing as a service to most of northern LA including: Northridge, Granada Hills, Santa Clarita, North Hills, Valencia & More.

Pressure washing is a cleaning process often used to prep surfaces for painting projects, however – we often complete stand-alone pressure washing projects to clean surfaces of built up dirt and stains from years of use.

We do this work for a variety of types of projects large and small, including large commercial areas down to small residential projects. Contact us today if your interested in pricing for your pressure washing project.




Common Pressure Washing Projects in the Area

Here in the Northridge and Granada Hills area, the most common types of pressure washing projects include:

  • Pool decks
  • Pressure washing for sidewalks
  • Removal of mold / mildew on concrete
  • Aging Masonry
  • Fences
  • Driveway stain removal
  • Decks, patios, and outdoor furniture
  • Stairs / steps leading into the home
  • Garage floors
  • Walkways around the house

Pressure washing is recommended as a preparation step for many exterior painting projects. It’s amazing the kinds of before and after results pressure washing can deliver – it is an affordable and quick way to make a big visual difference of your home’s exterior surfaces. Pressure washing is a dirty job that takes time and attention to detail, you can save yourself the hassle of renting a power washer, lugging it to and from the rental store, and a day or two of your time by hiring our crew to get the work done quickly and professionally.


Common Pressure Washing Questions

Why should I pressure wash concrete?

Concrete surfaces are porous and will eventually pick up stains that are difficult to remove with a brush. Parked cars can also leave stains from oil or fluid leaks, if sealing a surface like a driveway these kinds of stains can prevent proper adhesion of sealers and cause issues down the road.

Can’t you just paint over the surface and skip pressure washing?

While technically possible, many times its simply not worth the risk. For starters, the surfaces tend to be darker before washing, and will require more paint to achieve the desired look. If staining, most of the effect will be lost to the layers of dirt. Lastly, not pressure washing will greatly reduce the ability for paint or stain to adhere and jeopardize the integrity of the finish. This could result in peeling, flaking, or failure of a paint job.

How long do pressure washing projects take?

It would depend on how much you need done, we do free estimates, contact us today to get a quote. However, most projects are completed within 1 day of work.