The best experiences I had was that when there was an issue they followed up quickly and corrected it right away. There was just an area they had missed and they came out and took care of it right away. So that was good.

Eugene C. | Newnan, GA
December 23, 2019

The best contractpr experience we have had in the last decade. Everyone involved, from salesman to the painters all did a really great job, start to finish.

Adam C. | Sharpsburg, GA
December 6, 2019

Everyone involved in painting the house were very professional and helpful. Fast and efficient workers but quality work. Just a little miscommunication with a few things but in all a very excellent job!

Eric H. | Newnan, GA
November 22, 2019

The painters were pleasant and did a good job in a timely manner.

Danny O. | Douglasville, GA
October 18, 2019

I would say that Gary Mercer - sales guy, really good, great proposal, had a lot of pictures. Very comfortable with what he proposed.

The painting team, Carlos and his family, outstanding job. Nice to be around, polite and respectful. Last day he went through with us to check everything in the house and done to our specifications ;. Was great experience.

We got it off of Trusdale website, three other companies bid on it. Gary did such a good job with the proposal and answering all of our follow up questions.

The proposal was $13000 - and ended up being $10000 because they couldn't complete some of the work because some of the areas couldn't get some with the roofing company.

We felt we got a really good deal and the work done was excellent.

Brian T. | Peachtree City, GA
September 28, 2019

They were prompt to reply to my inquiry. They sent reminders of their arrival time. The painters arrived on time and worked through the day to complete the project.

Suzanne C. | Sharpsburg, GA
September 10, 2019

They were real nice. Gary was a real nice guy and the painters did a good job.

Margarette D. | Tyrone, GA
September 7, 2019

None! Keep up the great work.

Regina H. | Sharpsburg, GA
September 4, 2019

The crew that worked at my home, they were beyond nice and accomdating and helpful, I mean I have been raving about them ever since they started. Customer service is pretty crappy in a lot of businesses but not with Certapro, even Gerardo, he set it all up, he was incredible. I was blown away by their customer service. I don't usually say that, but when I get service like that I just want to tell everyone.

Chandra L. | Sharpsburg, GA
August 13, 2019

it was great

Brad B. | Fayetteville, GA
August 13, 2019