Autonomous Buildings

San Antonio, Texas

Autonomous Buildings enlisted CertaPro Painters for their second project to assist in transforming their newly acquired property.  Built in 1975, this 49,000sqft medical office space had been neglected over time and was due for an update. As the new owners took over, they quickly knew they wanted to be rid of the outdated peach color accents.  Additionally, the building had block letters attached to the front of the building with the old name of the office space.

CertaPro started by cleaning the entire building, not just those to be painted, by use of power washing.  A 65’ articulating boom lift was utilized to reach the heights of the project.  The peach accents were painted black with Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Acrylic.  As the project progressed, the owners requested that the metal carport and the pylon signs be painted black to match.  These items were painted with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Acrylics.  The project was completed in six days with some of the work being completed at night to avoid the pedestrian and vehicular traffic.