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Stucco Painting and Repair Services by CertaPro Painters® of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Do you own a home with a stucco exterior? If so, you know how beautiful and durable this type of exterior is, especially with hot summers in Nashville. Even though it is durable, stucco isn’t invincible. Over time, stucco cracks and pieces of it may fall off of it. This can hurt the curb appeal of your home. That’s why we offer stucco painting and repair services.

Not only do we repaint your stucco exterior, but we also repair it. We will take care of cracks and replace any missing stucco. Once we’re done repairing, we’ll paint it for you. We are one-stop shop for stucco repair and repainting.

1 Repair Damaged Stucco

Stucco cracks and over time, you can see holes, dings, and dents. We repair the stucco so there's a smooth finish after we paint it.

2 Replace Missing Stucco

If big pieces of stucco are missing, we will replace it with fresh stucco to make it look brand new again.

3 Prime the Stucco

By applying elastomeric/waterproof primer to the stucco, the paint lasts longer. And that's what we want - long-lasting results.

4 Paint the Stucco Exterior

This is the best part because it is when true transformation starts. We paint the stucco exterior the right way so you are impressed with the results.

Scheduling an estimate was easy and fast. Estimator arrived on time, asked great questions, and explained the process thoroughly. An estimate was provided quickly and in tremendous detail. What a great start. Thanks, Dylan.

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Lauren A

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Is Painting Stucco a Good Idea?

Absolutely. Painting stucco is a very good idea. Many people will tell you that you cannot paint stucco, but that is false. The problem is that those people and many others do not know how to properly paint stucco. That’s why they believe you cannot paint stucco. Our professional stucco painters know how to paint stucco so it looks absolutely perfect. It will look just the way the stucco looked the first time it was painted.

The reason people prefer to paint stucco rather than having their exterior replaced is that it costs less. How much does it cost to paint a stucco exterior? Well, the best way to find that out is by contacting us for a free estimate. We’ll come to your home, assess the damage and size of the house to determine how much the project will cost. You will then see how much more affordable it is to paint stucco vs. replace all of it.

And remember, we do replace stucco. While we won’t replace the entire house’s exterior – we’ll replace small sections. There’s no need to hire a separate contractor for this type of work.


Stucco Exteriors We’ve Painted and Repaired

We’ve had the pleasure of painting and repairing many stucco homes throughout Nashville. These are just some of the homes we’ve made look brand new again with a fresh coat of paint.

Stucco Exterior in Antioch

Stucco Exterior in Antioch

This beautiful traditional home in Antioch has a stucco exterior we repainted for the owners. They only had a couple of cracks that needed repairing, and they chose the same color as it was so we covered all of the discoloration, stains, and dingy areas.

Stucco Repairs with Repaint

Stucco Repairs with Repaint

We were a bit shocked when we drove up to this house because it needed extensive repairs. There were many cracks around the house, holes, and missing pieces of stucco. We took care of all of it, so that there was a smooth finish on the exterior of the house. We then used acrylic latex paint to repaint the stucco and the results were amazing. We could not believe the difference.

Tree Effects Disappeared with Repaint

Tree Effects Disappeared with Repaint

The tree you can see in the picture did a number on the exterior of this stucco home. The outside was dingy, discolored and there were some cracks in it. Pressure washing was not enough to clean it, so we repaired the cracks and then repainted the entire exterior. Now, the house looks clean, pretty and still has that nice shady area with the tree.

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