Dental Office Repainting

Nashville, Tennessee

This dental office has been part of the Nashville community for many years. Many people have seen it as they pass by it, and that’s not including all of the Nashville residents who visit the office at least twice a year for dental care. The owner of this dental office called us because he wanted our commercial painters to paint the exterior of his brick office building. He had grown tired of the same old red brick he’s known for many years. He wanted something much more clean, crisp, and modern.

When we asked him what color he would like for his dental office, he let us know that he was thinking white. We recommended one of the most popular exterior white colors we use from Sherwin Williams and he agreed to it. It didn’t take long before our commercial painters were painting the dental office. Once we were finished, the dentist was very pleased with the outcome. He noted that his dental office never looked better, even when he bought it many years ago.

Since we painted the dental office, we’ve received comments from the office staff that patients have remarked how nice it is to have the exterior look so new and beautiful.

Our commercial painting services are available to all businesses in and around Nashville. If you have an office needing exterior or interior painting, contact us for a free estimate.