Parking Garage Painting

Fort Lee, New Jersey

Century Towers – Fort Lee, NJ

Type of Establishment: 
Residential High Rise Managed by Douglas Elliman Property Management

Paint System: 
Benjamin Moore Super Spec Masonry Primer, Ultra Spec EXT. Masonry primer was chosen to seal repairs and water damage, and exterior paint was used since garage temps dipped below 40 degrees in the winter

Biggest Concerns:
masonry repair, water penetration, expensive cars parked in garage

How did CertaPro address customer’s concerns?
As prep work was completed, we did walk-throughs to show customer that prep work and water-proofing was being completed before painting. Cars were either moved in stages or covered in plastic to avoid paint dripping on vehicles.

A 4-man crew as used, one of our most experienced commercial crews with a combined 30+ years of experience

Finished ahead of schedule and well within $78,000 budget

Client Testimonial:
“From the bid process all the way through until the last column was painted, the crew was nothing short of accommodating and professional in the way they carried out their business”