Boiler Room Painting by CertaPro Painters

Verona, New Jersey

Claridge House – Engine Room Project

Feb 2017 – Mar 2017

Project description

Claridge House Condominiums – Verona, NJ

Type of Establishment: 
Residential High Rise Managed by Taylor Management Co.

Paint System: 
Sherwin Williams ArmorSeal 8100 Epoxy, Pro Industrial DTM. Industrial products were used to withstand the wear & tear that an engine room receives – these are washable coatings that can stand up to industrial cleaners

Biggest Concerns: 
Cleaning & prep work, paint odor, being cautious of the buildings heating and cooling equipment, which is located in this space.

How did CertaPro address customer concerns?
All clutter was first removed from engine room, then walls and floors were hand washed to make sure the engine room machinery was not compromised – acrylic paint was used to reduce odor emissions.

A 3-man crew as used, it was a tight space so a smaller crew was needed to move efficiently

Project Results:
Finished ahead of schedule and well within $34,000 budget

Customer Testimonial:
“The Condo Association and management were extremely pleases with the quality of the work performed. Bill Harvey and all the staff were very professional.”