03 October 2021

Painting your home in an environmentally responsible way

Living a sustainable and eco-friendly life in a modern home usually involves focusing on issues like energy usage and recycling. The types of house paint you use, the materials, and who performs the work probably don’t make anyone’s top ten list of immediate environmental concerns. While interior and exterior house painting aren’t everyday occurrences, theyRead the full article

02 August 2021

Why painting your warehouse or factory is about more than appearances

Most people understand painting as a way to make their house look nice inside and out but in a commercial or industrial setting paint’s performance isn’t limited to appearances. In warehouses, factories and industrial settings paint also serves as part of the facility’s safety system and as a means of protecting equipment and infrastructure fromRead the full article

06 July 2021

How to Paint a Retail Space Without Closing Your Doors.

Having a freshly painted location says a lot about your business. Customers appreciate an attractive space that’s well maintained. It speaks volumes about the business itself. Having a retail business, service location, or restaurant that is freshly painted in a current style lets customers know that the business is alive and thriving. Consider the lastRead the full article

05 July 2021

The Different Types of Interior Paint Finishes

When it’s time to tackle that interior paint job you’ve had in mind your first consideration is usually “what color should we go with?” but there is also the question of what paint finish you should choose. Before you can even make that choice you first need to know what your options are and whatRead the full article

31 May 2021

how to find the right commercial painting contractor

When you need a commercial painter for your business the selection process is a bit different than the one you might apply to select a painter for your home. Whether you have a retail, hospitality, medical, professional, or industrial building to be painted you are going to want to know what to ask to findRead the full article

30 April 2021

The best times to paint your home

Homeowners in the Mission Viejo area often ask when the best time to paint their home is. This question gets asked primarily for exterior painting. The answer is two-fold, there is the best time to paint based on climate and weather and then there is the best time to paint based on your lifestyle. LuckilyRead the full article

01 March 2021

Meet the 2021 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

And the winner is! Sherwin-Williams 2021 color of the year, SW 7048 – otherwise known as Urbane Bronze! Unique Ways to Incorporate Urbane Bronze in Your Home Sherwin-Williams 2021 color of the year, Urbane Bronze, is a warm shade of brown bordering on gray that can instantly pull the relaxing feeling of nature into yourRead the full article

Painting to Increase Your Homes Resale Value

  Are you about to put your home on the market? Before you list your property, there are a few painting projects that you should consider to maximize your curb appeal and interior first impressions. Our professional painters at CertaPro Painters of Mission Viejo can help you increase your home resale value through our trustedRead the full article

28 January 2021

Interior Painting Projects to Check Off Your List Before the Summer

5 Interior Paint Projects To Check Off Your List This Winter Now that the weather outside is less than its sunny best, we should embrace the winter season by making the interior of our homes that much more delightful. While many people wait for warmer weather for their exterior house painting, any interior space canRead the full article

Power Washing Your Home Exterior

Power Washing Spring is soon to arrived and weary homeowners will be hopefully hitting the great outdoors. In Springs past you have likely run into one of two things outside, pollen and winter dirt build up. Either way, an exterior spring cleaning could be in order. Here’s why Power Washing should top your spring cleaningRead the full article