Why Hire a Professional Painting Company?

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Once you’ve decided to take on a painting project, the next step is to choose whether to do it yourself or to hire a professional painting company. For interior and exterior work alike, there are a variety of reasons why you might choose either option. If you have lots of experience, time, and energy, you may opt to do the painting job yourself… Or you may take the DIY route just to save money.

The upsides of working with a professional team, however, often outweigh the perceived benefits of tackling your own home painting projects. If you’re trying to make a decision between DIY and bringing in a team, here’s why you should hire a professional painting company.

Experience = Efficiency

When you paint every day, you naturally develop skills, techniques, and knowledge that earn the moniker of “professional.” That means that pro painters approach every job with the accumulated expertise of every job they’ve done before.

Instead of guessing where to start, backtracking to fix little mistakes, running back to the store for more supplies, and all of the other things that stack up to make the work take longer and longer… A professional painting company shows up prepared and does things right the first time. They’ll get the work done faster, more efficiently, and with fewer issues than most “do it yourselfers.”


Like the experience gained over numerous interior and exterior painting jobs, a professional team has the right tools to get the work done properly. From safe, appropriately sized ladders to high quality brushes, roller poles to sprayers, a professional painting company brings the equipment they need right from the beginning.

These tools of the trade also contribute to efficiency, but more importantly, they allow the team to provide even paint coverage, reach difficult heights and angles, create sharp edges, and do all around high quality work!


A reputable business company will have its insurance up to date and easy to reference. By insuring their work and their team, a professional painting company provides peace of mind for their clients and protects everyone involved in case an accident happens.

When you take on a painting project by yourself, any damage done comes out of your own pocket – not to mention any potential injury.

Ideally, insurance is just a safeguard that won’t come into play, but if something goes wrong, you’ll be glad to have a fully insured, professional painting company doing the work.

Expert Advice

Professional painting companies know paint – what sheens work best in what rooms, what types of paint work with different kinds of siding, what needs priming and preparation, and so much more…

They can also advise on color choices, project scope, timelines, where to start, and any questions you may have. The years of experience, troubleshooting previous jobs, and daily experience with different kinds of paint combine into working knowledge that can be applied to any painting project.

As you can see, the primary benefits stem from experience. When you hire a painting company, you can rest assured that the fully insured, well-prepared crew will show up with the right tools, the right paint, and all of the necessary skills to get the work done professionally and efficiently.

For more information about how you can benefit from a professional painting company, quotes, and any questions, contact CertaPro today!