Spring House Painting Tips

Welcome to spring. Now is the time to see what Mother Nature did to your paint job this winter. Here in Irvine, CA we don’t have to deal with below freezing temperatures, however November through March are the largest months for rainfall in the area. This year in particular had larger than average rain falls, when weather like this changes, its a good idea to take some time to inspect the exterior for any damage or possible needed repairs. Get the exterior of your home ship shape before summer heat sets in. Here are spring house painting tips. Exterior projects like these can be a lot of work, and technique and knowledge of paints and materials make a big difference in how long the job will last. For the best possible results, hire a professional crew like the team at CertaPro Painters of Irvine, CA.


Pressure wash the exterior of your home before considering painting. This will remove mildew, dirt, loose paint and more. You will get a true reading on your paint’s viability. A clean surface is necessary for any painting project. Use the pressure washing wand and spray at a 45-degree angle. For best results, it’s not suggested that you use any type of soap or cleaners in the water. Keep a steady hand and be very cautious not to create dings and craters in the exterior of your home.


After your home has dried, a light sanding is in order. This takes the finish off of the old paint and allows for proper adhesion of the new color. Smooth out any imperfections and address issues in siding or walls before moving forward.


Picking a color that will showcase your home but also provide long-lasting dirt-hiding color is crucial. Traditional exteriors are trending and will stand the test of time. Opt for colors like grey, white, yellow or light blue. Greens are popular in the northwest. Trim the house with a complementary color.


Get a small amount of each color option and paint patches of your home. The patches should be two feet by two feet to give you a proper look at the color on a larger area. Check the colors in different daylights and against and fascia or flora you have near your home.


When you purchase your color selection, inquire whether it has sealant in it. If not, consider using a separate sealant. This will help your paint job last longer by creating a separate top coat to avoid chips and knicks from normal wear and tear. Some sealants boast that they help prevent fading from the sun.

Deck or Patio

While you are updating the paint on the exterior of your home, it’s a good time to consider sealing any decks or patios you have around your house. The coats on the deck or patio can be worked in while painting the house and give you a better final product. Since the steps are the same, why not complete two projects at once.

Deck sanding service

Painting the exterior of your home can be a big task. Avoid project creep by bringing in experts to help with some or all of the preparation and work. There is no replacement for years of experience and training. Contact our experts for a free in-home estimate on your project.