Refresh Your Home with 8 Easy Outdoor Paint Projects

Has winter ravaged your outdoor spaces? Give your home a pick me up with of our afternoon projects and a little bit of work. A fresh coat of paint will give new life to almost any outdoor accessories. Here’s how to refresh your home with 8 easy outdoor paint projects.

Paint Concrete

You don’t need a big budget to refinish your patio of cold, gray concrete. Get a bold statement with an even bolder color, painted on the floor. Three coats of latex outdoor paint and a concrete sealer will make the space feel new again. Extra credit if you decide to put down an oversized game board for hours of afternoon play.

DIY Doormat

Make a door mat that greets every visitor with a floral facade. Get artistic and paint some pretty poppies or bright sunflowers outside your front door at as a welcome greeting. Use a thick oil-based paint or paint pens to create the art.

Take to the Trim

If your home is looking run down but a new exterior paint job isn’t in order yet, grab a brush and redo the trim. It’s a great way to make a big impact on the curb appeal of your house. A fresh coat of trim paint will cover stains and cracks giving your house an overall fresh feel.

Fix Up Furniture

Most likely, your outdoor furniture spent the winter under ice and snow. The weather is not kind to metal and plastic items in your outdoor area. Grab a wire brush and scrape away rust and debris. Then get a good spray paint and put new life in your furniture. Choose a summery palette that matches your exterior.

Shutter Eyes

Draw eyes to your shutter as an architectural element with a new color. Vinyl and wooden shutters can be painted. If you are dealing with vinyl, choose a color from Krylon Fusion which is known to bond easily to plastic.

Step in Style

When a visitor comes to your house, the first encounter they have is with your front entrance. Make sure any steps and porch areas are spic and span to welcome guests. Use a power washer to clean away caked on dirt. Fill cracks and uneven surfaces, and put a new paint on there. The impact is dramatic, even if you go with the same colors that were there before.

Trendy Trellis

Showcase your garden by adding a painted trellis. It will up both your style and your garden game. Make it stand out with a stark white or match the color to your current flower bed. Grab extra points by planting some climbing garden items to decorate your arbor.

Awesome Address

Adding a stylish mailbox or house number to your home will create a new look. It gives you the opportunity to show some personality on your home.

Need some help with your outdoor paint projects? We offer several services to assist you, including power washing and concrete staining and epoxy finish. Schedule a free estimate online today to get started!