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Painter For a Day Program

Thank you for considering CertaPro’s “Painter-for-a-Day Program!” The “Painter-for-a-Day Program” is a time and material painting service and does not provide written estimates or offer to undertake projects on a fixed bid basis. This program offers a minimum service of one professional painter for up to an 8-hour workday (less two (2) 10-minute breaks and one (1) 30 minute lunch required by law), at a cost of $500 plus material.

Please Note: Any time worked over 8 hours will be billed at our current overtime rate. Price is based upon work being performed during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm). An additional cost will apply for weekends or after hours.

Often, most clients will provide basic paints required. We will cover average misc. materials including for plastic, roller covers, primers, repair compounds, etc. There is no travel charge or lunch break charge. CertaPro’s employees will provide an honest day’s labor on your projects starting with those tasks you designate as highest in priority.

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Client Responsibilities

It is the client’s responsibility communicate a list of priorities to the painter(s) to direct labor and to be available to answer questions. Projects may take longer than expected and it is important that the painters are able to keep clients informed of progress during the day. Our service does not include call back visits for any reason. It is critical that clients help assess with the painters whether or not one project needs more work or touch up before they move on to your next project. Since this is a fixed time service, keep in mind last tasks of the day may not be finished 100%. That is why client’s input and direction is critical to keep the painters informed of your exact priorities.

As soon as the painters arrive, please discuss the following items:

  • Job Priorities
  • Security instructions
  • Restroom preferences
  • Work sink if available
  • Client’s availability / phone numbers

Our goal is to work quickly to help you resolve your projects. We will do the best we can in the time allotted and appreciate your business very much. Should your projects require additional or future labor, we will do our best to schedule you on a high priority basis.

Example Projects

The following are lists of projects that are commonly able to be completed:
• Walls in one to two bedrooms
• Walls in a kitchen
• Ceilings in several small to medium sized rooms
• Touch ups to baseboards, door casings, wooden trim and doors (Touched up areas may have a visibly different color/finish depending on location of touch up and paint used)
• Several accent walls
• Drywall patching and repairs to several walls
• Caulking and touch ups to exterior trim/siding boards