Josh HartResidential Sales Associate

Phone: 317-252-0334

What do you like most about being a residential sales associate at CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

I love getting to meet new people everyday. Each day is like a new adventure, and getting to help people invest in their homes is like a cherry on top of the ol’ sundae.

Tell me about your background before coming to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

Sheesh where to begin…..if you can think of it I have probably done it. Waiter, bartender, I worked at a Staples for a time, bank teller, semi-professional eater, prison guard (the worst job I had), I did a summer as a wet leisure attendant (lifeguard), balloon animal sculptist (I could only make a snake), magician, milkshake tester, beer brewer, security guard, pizza delivery driver (I gained 16 pounds in 3 months because of this job), and most recently I was slinging insurance policies….I have been with CertaPro now longer than most of those other jobs combined. That should tell you all you need to know about what an excellent company this is.

Tell us three things people don’t know about you?

I once ate an entire 50 count bag of pepperoni pizza rolls while watching one episode of Malcolm in the Middle. For those of you who are counting, that’s more than 2 per minute.
My biggest fear is walking through spider webs followed closely by death.
I love bubble baths. Although squeezing my 6’3” 280 pound meat sack into a normal size bathtub is not a pretty picture, at least that’s what my wife tells me.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

That’s a great question. But if I could choose only one I would want it to be something under the radar, my anxiety would be through the roof if I thought people were counting on me to save the day. So I will say being able to talk to my dog. He seems like he would have a lot to say, also, I’m pretty sure he would have a cockney accent which would be pretty funny.

What’s your favorite way to give back to your community?

My wife and I volunteer at our church every chance we get. I am also an excellent mover. Not in the sense that I move quickly. I am able to help people move from one house to another pretty much better than anyone I know and I am always happy to show my feats of strength.

What drew you to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

My brother in law was working here and said I should apply. He knew my work history so I knew he was serious. It has been a top three moment of my life along with the birth of my daughter and marrying my beautiful wife, in no particular order.