Brady PettigrewResidential Sales Associate

Phone: 317-252-0334

Brady is in his third year with CertaPro Indianapolis. Being a part of the CertaPro team has been an incredible experience for Brady. Of the many responsibilities that Brady handles as a Project Manager, he prides himself most on the service he delivers to his customers. Making the experience as smooth as possible and the finished product something the customer is thrilled with is his goal for each project.

What’s Your Role at CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis?

I’m a Residential Sales Associate. My first couple years with CertaPro started with pressure washing & warranty inspections, then rather quickly turned into project management. That led to a 2 year period in which I performed a hybrid role of sales & production. Being one of the most tenured members of our residential team (in my 7th year with CertaPro), I try to use my experience on both ends of our business to help find the best ways to deliver a top-notch experience to our customers & crews, & help my teammates do the same!

What do you like most about being an RSA at CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people.. I like giving knowledgeable & genuinely honest advice on their paint projects & especially love when my customers see these qualities & realize I’m not a typical “sales guy”…

Our President & Vice Pres (JJ & AJ) miiiight claim that my favorite part of this job is adding as many gray hairs to their heads as possible.. they might not be totally wrong on that 🙂

Tell me about your background before coming to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

I was born in Anderson but spent my early childhood in Montana & Colorado (Air Force kid). We came back to IN around jr high. I double majored at Ball State in Sociology & Religious Studies. Fascinating subjects but led to a number of completely unrelated jobs after school. I worked in real estate in the 6 years leading up to joining CertaPro.

Tell us three things people don’t know about you?

Live music/concerts are what I live for. 15-20 shows a year at least!
I have rather impressive collections of vinyl records & art. My vinyl collection is currently over 700 albums & growing on a weekly basis. The majority of my art collection is made up of silkscreen prints (because my concert/vinyl expenses hinder the original art budget lol); but I have north of 200 pieces on my walls and in the portfolios.
I have NOT “wrestled”/“fought” 1 of the following creatures at some point in my life. If you can correctly guess which one, I will give you a discount on an estimate I provide for you… an alligator, a bear, a shark, a chipmunk, or residential sales associate Josh Hart.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

The ability to manipulate matter at the quantum level… Duh.

What’s your favorite way to give back to your community?

In my personal time, if I’m not at a concert, you’ll most likely find me riding my motorcycle. I participate in numerous charity/benefit rides whenever I can.. My youngest sister has severe low functioning autism, so I have a soft spot for any organizations/events/etc that contribute to that community.. I’m also a huge dog lover; so anything in that realm is my jam.

What drew you to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

AJ Taylor (now our VP.. with additional gray hairs) and I have been best friends since early high school. We’ve worked together on & off since then with CertaPro being the last/most current iteration of that relationship 🙂