Painting Your Living Room: Our Professional Ideas

Living rooms are where we spend the majority of our time in our homes. It’s the most used room to host and enjoy time together. Since the color you choose will likely run throughout your kitchen and dining room, make sure you choose something you can live with year-round. After all, color can help you enhance certain moods or exaggerate the size of the space you paint. Our Huntington Beach painters have compiled a few ideas to get you the dream living room space.

Sprucing It Up With Paint

Burnt Orange and Gold

Warmth abounds when you pair together burnt orange and gold. The orange as a deep color can make the room feel overpowering. Use golden touches to reflect light around the room and liven it up. The orange can feel warm with the proper undertones. Make sure to choose a deep color, instead of sunburnt.

Black, White, and Blue

Black and white are always on point. Add some color to it with a rich powder blue. Add a blue with warm undertones to avoid a cold feeling in the room. Use the color to inspire shades near it into accessories like pillows, rugs, and decorations.

Red and Cream

White, cream, and beige are typical choices for walls for good reason. They make spaces feel bigger and cleaner than other colors. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of white and cream by adding a pop of red into the mix. You can choose to go bright and bold or deep and minimal. Deep cranberry throws are just as effective as bright red furniture.

Get Creative with Decorations

Add Plants to Your Space 

Adding plants in empty nooks around the home will completely transform it. There is something about the touch of nature and instant pop of color that will have you wanting to put plants in every room in your home.

Accent with a Light Fixture

A colorful light fixture can make all the difference in a room. Replacing an outdated light fixture will make a massive difference to the overall appearance of the room.

Work with the Home Painters for your Living Room

There are a lot of different ways to spruce up your living room. To get the best out of your space, hire the best home painters in Huntington Beach: CertaPro Painters! Our interior painting professionals will help you out with every step of the process. We’re here to help you choose your color, apply it, and clean up the mess. All you have to do to get started is call us at 714-840-7142 or fill out our form for a free estimate and our professionals will get in touch with you. We look forward to working with you!