Front Door Favorites – Paint Front Doors These Colors

Homeowners tend to focus on curb appeal only when they are preparing to sell their houses. In reality, your front door sends you off and welcomes you home every day. Put some time into a quick update on the color and you’ll be surprised how much it changes the feel of your house. Here are our front door favorites: paint front doors these colors:

• Bright

Create some front door flare with a bright color, falling in trend for this year. The brighter the door, the more love it’s receiving. With the exception of period-specific homes, this is a style that works on nearly any house and creates a big impact. Try some vivid colors like turquoise or lime. Remember, when choosing your color, look at the overall colors of the house in addition to the surrounding flora.

• Teal

Teal is making great strides in usage for front doors. It’s a color that is outside of the box enough to be edgy but still feel safe within a property. Use it to provide a pop of color on an otherwise neutral house front.

• Red

Red doors had a time in the spotlight several years ago, but they are making a comeback now in deeper versions. Cranberry and burgundy doors are popping up on favorite boards regardless of area. The color reads soothing and welcoming, setting a great tone for your house.

• Slate

When you are choosing colors for a brick home, it can seem very challenging to go with anything but white. Working with varying colors of the stones makes matching impossible. Instead of going for easy, choose an underutilized neutral: black. Black or slate provides a good match with more style than white. Plus, according to Zillow, you’ll add to your asking price when it’s time to sell.

• Brown

When considering brown for the exterior of a home, it’s usually a taupe or beige. Try using deep, dark chocolate for the front door. If your door is wood, try a dark stain. Match your trim as well. Paired with a white home, this is especially chic.

• Shutters

Typically, shutters and doors match the architectural accents on the front of your house. Try mixing it up by adding a trim or main color on the door, or go really creative and pick something completely new. This works really well if your other colors are in the same family, or neutral.

Add style and curb appeal to your home with an afternoon and a gallon of paint. A new front door color can completely change the feel of your home.

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