01 May 2022

Concrete Staining: How to Prepare Your Space

Over the past few years, the home improvement industry has given consumers many more options when it comes to concrete. No more boring old gray concrete. You can stain your concrete just about any color under the sun and offer a fantastic variety of design possibilities. Our CertaPro painters are experts in concrete staining. TheyRead the full article

31 March 2022

CertaPro Painters Can Refresh & Revive Your Restaurant

CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach is happy to provide commercial painting services for all of the hospitality industry. This includes restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, and motels. We have a breadth of experience working in this growing industry.   Our work provides restaurateurs with the look and feel that they want by strategically planning and executingRead the full article

28 February 2022

CertaPro’s Professional Power Washing Services

We are quickly headed towards Springtime once again and now is the time to spruce up your home for the coming months and restore its curb appeal in the most cost-effective way possible. How? By giving your home a good bath in the form of power washing. CertaPro Painters Can Help with Your Powerwashing ProjectRead the full article

Working With a Color Consultant

You have heard of your friends and neighbors using a professional color consultant, and they all give rave reviews. And you want to plan a painting project in the near future, so you are thinking about using a color consultant but you don’t quite understand the whole process. What Exactly Does a Color Consultant Do?Read the full article

31 January 2022

Combining painting with a bit of carpentry to get a perfect result

Many people know all about CertaPro’s amazing painting services. We are well known for our painting expertise. But did you know that Certapro also offers additional light carpentry services? These are skilled craftsmen with experience and they can handle making repairs at your home or commercial space. We offer these services in conjunction with deckRead the full article

02 January 2022

Healthcare Office Painting & Color Theory

Did you know wall colors can turn up creativity or cooperativeness? Many offices and businesses use this to their benefit. When it comes to healthcare facilities, color can help bring healing and optimism into a room. If your medical office is ready for a renovation, you might be asking what colors are best for aRead the full article

30 November 2021

3 Rooms to Repaint in Your Commercial Office

Could your commercial office space use a bit of TLC? CertaPro Painters® can effortlessly renovate multiple rooms in your office building. We have the skill and experience you need for a professional-grade painting service. Not only can commercial painting services make your office feel more welcoming, but they can also boost morale. Below are aRead the full article

01 November 2021

Why choosing expert commercial painters for your building matters

Is this you? Your commercial, office, or retail building is in desperate need of a makeover. It’s been quite some time since it’s been painted, and as much as you want to put it off, you just can’t do it anymore. It’s time to hire commercial exterior painters and you know it. Why It MattersRead the full article

03 October 2021

The Ins and Outs of Painting a Ceiling

Of all the surfaces in your home that you could paint you would think the ceiling in any room would be the most straightforward of them all. You just get some flat white paint and roll it on, mission accomplished, right? Well, actually the ceiling is its own special surface in interior painting and hasRead the full article

02 August 2021

Safety measures to take while painting

Before you begin your next painting project, here are a few things to consider regarding health and safety for you, your family, and even your pets. Follow these suggestions to prevent accidents and minimize any health risks to your loved ones. Ladder Safety If you plan to paint the exterior of your home, you’re goingRead the full article