02 August 2021

Safety measures to take while painting

Before you begin your next painting project, here are a few things to consider regarding health and safety for you, your family, and even your pets. Follow these suggestions to prevent accidents and minimize any health risks to your loved ones. Ladder Safety If you plan to paint the exterior of your home, you’re goingRead the full article

06 July 2021

Best Paint Colors For Rooms With Little Natural Light

When choosing a paint color for a room that gets little natural sunlight or is dimly lit, it is important to consider how well the paint will reflect light. Although white is the best color for reflecting light, it can often leave the room feeling sterile or bland, rather than breathing some life into aRead the full article

05 July 2021

Paint color visualizer apps for 2021

The days of limited color selection and little paper swatches of paint are basically over. While you can still get a fan deck of color samples from most paint companies, the move to picking colors from your desktop or phone is the new normal. It’s also not limited to just picking a single color, youRead the full article

01 June 2021

Changing paint colors from dark to light and light to dark

Right now, two trends are dominating the painting landscape. For exteriors, the hot colors of late have been navy blue and medium-light grays to darker grays with white trim. On the interior, there is a split with bolder colors competing with whites for wall space. There is also the increasing use of accent walls forRead the full article

01 May 2021

Commercial Painting of Retail businesses in Huntington Beach

At CertaPro Painters® of Huntington Beach, we do more than just paint houses. Our painters are just as skilled at painting commercial spaces of all different types. One of the more common commercial painting projects we tackle is painting retail spaces. When it comes to painting a retail location the challenges and the goal can beRead the full article

What realtors have to say about house painting

Here are some great tips from Realtors and Real Estate industry experts regarding house painting and it’s brought to you by the Pro’s at CertaPro Painters® of Huntington Beach. First, let’s start by saying that the term “curb appeal” was invented by realtors. Realtors know a thing or two about the psychology of buying aRead the full article

01 March 2021

When Should You Paint the Exterior of Your House?

When should I paint my house? You probably have a general sense, or at least an idea, of how long your current exterior paint job should last. The last time it was painted your painters probably gave you a rough estimate of how long it SHOULD last, but ultimately there are a number of factorsRead the full article

Kitchen Wall and Cabinet Paint Colors for 2021

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Paint Colors The perfect color for you can vary depending on many different factors, including your taste, design trends, and architecture. But in a sea of white and gray kitchen walls and woodgrain cabinets, yours can stand out with a pop of color fit for you. There are aRead the full article

28 January 2021

Exterior House Paint Facts

Exterior painting considerations for 2021 Painting your home’s exterior is a major project, one that is frankly better left to professionals. Between climbing ladders, mixing paint, scraping and sanding, etc. It can take a good number of weekends to complete on your own assuming the weather cooperates. This has really always been the case butRead the full article

What to Consider Before Commercial Office Painting

Tips For Repainting Your Commercial Office Space One of the ways you can present your business or office space in a positive light is by updating your interior paint colors. The overall design of your company can either entice your customers to work with you or make them consider going someplace else for their neededRead the full article