06 March 2023

Interior Paint Finishes: A Comprehensive Guide

When planning an interior painting project, it’s important to consider not only the colors you want to use, but also the type of paint finish that will best suit each room. Paint finishes come in five basic types, each with different levels of reflectivity, durability, and ease of cleaning. Here’s a breakdown of each finishRead the full article

Boost Your Home’s Value: The Power of Professional Painting Services

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter. Potential buyers will judge your home based on its appearance before they even step inside. That’s why investing in professional painting services is a smart move to increase your home’s resale value. At CertaPro Painters® of Huntington Beach, we provide trusted painting services that canRead the full article

02 February 2023

Apartment Painting Services to Transform Your Space

Are you looking to give your apartment complex a fresh new look? CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach is here to help. We offer a range of professional painting and light carpentry services to apartment buildings in the Huntington Beach area. By keeping your apartments updated and well-maintained, you can keep your tenants happy and attract newRead the full article

02 January 2023

3 Specialty Painting Services for Warehouses in Huntington Beach

With the increase in online shopping over the years, warehouses are popping up all over the Huntington Beach area. If you own or operate a warehouse in the community, it is essential to maintain your space for both workers and visitors. Here at CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach, we can provide painting services that canRead the full article

Kids Bedroom Painting Ideas

As your child grows, you will probably want to upgrade the style and colors of their room to fit their own unique interests. Here at CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach, we can provide a variety of professional painting and light carpentry services to upgrade your childs room. We even have a few tips for choosingRead the full article

03 December 2022

Upgrade Your Commercial Building With CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach

Maintaining your commercial office space with professional painting and light carpentry services is a great way to provide a winning impression to staff members and guests. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Huntington Beach, CA, we can transform your office seamlessly. If your commercial building could use a few upgrades. We are your go-to painting contractorsRead the full article

31 October 2022

Dining Room Color Inspiration

The fall and winter months are excellent times to upgrade your dining room. Here at CertaPro Painters of Huntington Beach, we can add a fresh pop of color to this cozy space inside of your home. As one of the primary gathering places for get-togethers and holidays, it is essential to keep these areas lookingRead the full article

02 October 2022

Painting Your Living Room: Our Professional Ideas

Living rooms are where we spend the majority of our time in our homes. It’s the most used room to host and enjoy time together. Since the color you choose will likely run throughout your kitchen and dining room, make sure you choose something you can live with year-round. After all, color can help youRead the full article

01 September 2022

The Science of Productivity & Color in Your Home Office

Home office painting is a trending topic lately due to the majority of American workers who have opted to continue working from home even when they were permitted to return to the office. Home interior designers & painters are constantly bombarded with questions about which colors enhance productivity and will help create the most beneficialRead the full article

30 August 2022

Interior house painting: How Often?

We all know what the exterior paint on homes in the Huntington Beach area is up against with rain, wind, sun, heat, and cold affecting the life of the paint job. On the interior it’s a different story, here it’s a question of fading, scuffing, fingerprints, wall dings, scratched-up trim, pets, cooking, smoke, etc. WhenRead the full article