House Painting Costs in Grand Rapids, MI

Painting projects have many details that can change the price of a project, the below guides will help you get a rough estimate of approximately how much you can expect to pay for professional painting services in the greater Grand Rapids service area.

How much does it cost to paint the different rooms in my home?

Interior painting costs in Grand Rapids, MIPainting the inside of your home is more detailed than you might think. Having a skilled crew that understands the process and pays close attention to detail is very important.

Each project has its own unique variances that can affect the cost and scope of work, such as the condition of the drywall, caulking and nail filing, wallpaper removal, and priming, and the components being painted: walls, ceiling, trim, doors closets, etc.

Here are some areas to consider that will affect the cost of the project:

1) The height of the walls. An 8′ high bedroom ceiling is much easier to paint than an 18′ high ceiling in a foyer or living room.
2) The surfaces being painted. Will you be painting the trim, walls, ceiling, doors, and crowning molding? What kind of doors do you have? In general, the more surfaces you include the higher the cost
3) The colors being painted and the colors being painted over. Your colors will determine how many coats of paint are needed to reach your desired outcome.
4) The condition of the surfaces being painted. If the surfaces are in rough shape then more time will be needed to prepare them for the paint.

There are many factors that play into the cost of painting trim, molding, windows, and doors. For example, if the material to be painted is stained wood, it will require more preparation than repainting the existing color. All details are discussed during the in-person estimate.
  • Bedroom Trim (pre-painted, standard 10 x 10 room): one coat matching color – $150, two coats (same color and/or color change) – $300
  • Bedroom Trim, converting stained wood to white paint: $500-$750
Below is an estimated breakdown for basic repairs and two coats of paint for the walls and ceiling of common rooms.
  • Ceiling, 1 coat, 10×10 standard room: $100
  • Doors, both sides, solid, standard: $100
  • Walls, standard 10×10 room: $250-$350

How much does it cost to paint the outside/exterior of my home?

Exterior house painting costs in Grand Rapids, MIJust like estimating interior projects, each exterior project is unique and depends on the shape of the substrate, the repairs and prep necessary, and the colors and overall color-scheme you chose.

For more information on painting costs, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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