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The Girl Scouts is a commercial complex with a gated courtyard, wood trellises, and iron gates in historic downtown. The Girl Scouts were faced with the need to upgrade the aesthetics and outdated color selection to blend with the historic feel of downtown. The Girl Scouts painted to match the building next door.


The complex needed multiple repairs in stucco, metal, and wood. The complex was going from faded light beige to olive and brown scheme. The Girl Scouts now blends in with the neighborhood hues and really stands out as a corner property.


The entire campus then underwent a new color change to make it match its neighboring property The Wigwam Resort which was originally built around the same time.

Project Involvement:

This project involved stucco repair, wood scraping, and painting. The client chose colors to reflect current trends and to match the building next door. It included full power wash and patchwork that was spot primed. Wood surfaces were scraped and primed prior to painting. Stucco was repaired around the entire building.

Special Challenges:

The Girl Scouts building is old and wearing. One challenge with this project was the many different pop-out colors and two-color scheme. Metal was painted in one color with stucco being painted another. Another challenge was to match the stucco repairs as close as possible to the existing texture. The wood had major peeling and was scraped down to bare wood, primed, and painted.

Special Paint Tools:

This project required multiple large ladders to reach all units. Stucco repairs were done around the entire building and all peeling paint was scraped from wood trellises prior to priming and painting.

Time Completion: 2 Months

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