How to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Have you been dreaming of turning your outdated kitchen into your dream cooking space? There are many ways to transform your kitchen while keeping extra funds in your pocket. Here at CertaPro Painters®️ of Fenton-Waterford, there are a few ways that we can help you bring modern style and elements to your kitchen. Check out these specialty services below.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets > Replacing Cabinets

kitchenThe first way our painting contractors can help you renovate your kitchen and stay on budget is with our professional cabinet refinishing and painting services. You don’t have to purchase a completely new set of cabinets to transform your space. As long as your current ones are structurally sound, there is no reason they can’t have a little work done.

Not sure what color would really make your kitchen cabinets pop? Our local painters in Fenton-Waterford have a professional designer on staff who would love to help you create a vibrant and functional space that fits your individual personality. Our color visualizer tool can show you an accurate representation of how any color would look in your kitchen.

Add Texture With Modern Wallpaper

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper is not just a design choice of the past. When you look through the available textures and patterns on today’s market you would be amazed at the options. The interior design industry has come a long way from old fashioned fruit and floral patterns of the past. Now you can find a unique design that will pair well with your exact interior space.

Interior Painting Services in Fenton-Waterford

A simple way to renovate your kitchen is to have your old paint repainted. If your current paint color has started to fade, chip, or peel, it’s time for a fresh coat. Our painting contractors have the experience and skill that you need to effortlessly revamp your kitchen. Regardless of if your vision is a bright white kitchen or something a bit more bold, we’ve got you covered.

Our painters can also work with you on a complete color change in your kitchen. For example, say your current color is a deep red but you’re wanting to change your walls to a neutral light gray. In order to complete this project effectively, there will most likely be more prep work and extra coats of paint. However, the end results will be completely stunning. We can make all of your kitchen renovation dreams come through with our professional painting services.

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