Best Lighting for the Main Rooms in your Home 

Lighting has such a huge effect on the overall atmosphere of a space. It is also something you should take into consideration when selecting paint colors for your home. The lighting can make all the difference in how a paint color will appear. Have you ever walked into a restaurant or another public space and realized you probably only liked it because the lighting was aesthetically pleasing? This is because the color temperature of light has a huge effect on us. Warm toned lighting gives us a cozier more relaxing feel while cool toned lighting makes us more focused and awake. Because of this, we need to change the lighting in every room in our home to match what purpose that room serves. Keep reading to find out the best lighting for the main rooms in your home.

Living Rooms – Living rooms can be tricky because they are generally used for a variety of different activities such as watching tv, coloring, looking at a laptop, reading, or talking with loved ones. So how do we choose a light that applies to all of these different types of activities? Start with “task lighting”. Task lighting is essentially table lamps. They can be placed by the ends of the couches or chairs. Next, consider accent lighting. This could be a floor light that shines onto a plant or track lighting that shines on to wall art. Lastly, an adjustable light switch is crucial for this room.

Kitchens – The kitchen is a space we want to feel alert and awake. You need adequate lighting to complete food preparation. There is a reason why most sinks are located in front of a window… It’s to help supply a good amount of light for clean-up. Undercabinet lighting also works well in kitchens because it illuminates the surface below it without casting shadows like overhead lighting would.

Bathrooms – Most bathrooms have a single overhead light, but this isn’t the best option. This actually casts a shadow on the person standing in the mirror. A better option is lights on the sides of the mirror.

Bedrooms – Beside lamps are crucial when it comes to bedroom lighting. It should be in easy reach from your bed. Floor lamps also work well for bedroom spaces. Avoid overhead lighting or any harsh bright lighting.

Dining Room – In the dining room, you want to focus the lighting on the table. This is why many people opt. for the chandelier above the center of the dining room table. This is the best option. You will also want to get a dimmer for this room so you can create a relaxing dining experience for you and your family or for when you have guests over.

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