Pros and Cons of Sanding vs. De-glossers 

If you are completing a DIY home improvement project, specifically, a varnished wood project… you may be asking yourself whether you want to sand over the varnish or use a de-glosser? It is hard to say, and each individual project is unique. Using your best judgment is probably the best option as both of these options have their downfalls. To help you make your decision, keep reading to find out the pros and cons of sanding vs. de-glossers.

Sanding Pros: 

  • Inexpensive. If you want this project to be as cost-effective as possible than opt to sand your varnished wood.
  • Chemical-free. We all know this is very important. Our health should be a main component in everything we do. By sanding you skip out on exposing yourself to any un-natural chemicals.
  • If you want to remove the color off of the varnished wood, sanding is more effective.

Sanding Cons: 

  • Even though sanding helps avoid chemicals that can be harmful to our health, you are exposing yourself to wood dust which also can have negative side effects on your health.
  • Takes a lot of time and patience.
  • If you use an electric sander it’s easier and quicker but also messier. Consider if you want to deal with the dust that will, undoubtedly, be everywhere.
  • Depending on what you are sanding, it may require someone experienced if there are troublesome areas.

De-glossing Pros: 

  • Even though there are chemicals in de-glossers, many suppliers now over low-VOC options.
  • Faster. If time is of the essence you will want to go with a de-glosser. It is a significantly faster alternative to sanding.
  • No mess. You won’t have to clean up after or worry about dust being everywhere.
  • It easily reaches even the toughest spots.

De-glossing Cons: 

  • Is a powerful chemical.
  • Can be useless if the surface you are working with is very bumpy or scratched badly.
  • It can leave you with a sticky or tacky look.
  • It may take you until the end of de-glossing to realize you actually still have to go in and sand it manually.

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