The Cost to Paint Your Home

How much does it cost to paint a house in AZ?

At CertaPro Painters® of Tucson, AZ, we understand that cost is a leading factor when deciding whether to paint your home. How we determine the exact cost of painting a house depends on several factors, including:

    • Size and scope of the project
    • Labor and specific skills required
    • Types of paints and materials
    • Repairs needed before painting

Although we can’t provide an exact cost until we complete your free estimate, we can give you a bit more insight into what drives the price of a painting project, starting with the size of your home.

According to Movoto, the average home size in the areas serviced by CertaPro Painters® of Tucson range between 1,572 to 2,656 sq ft.


Size and scope of the project

When calculating an estimate, we consider the home’s square footage, the color and quality of the paint, and whether the project is for an interior or exterior surface.

If the surface is going from a very light color to a very dark color (or vice versa), there is a strong possibility that extra coats of paint may be required, which can impact the price.

Labor and specific skills required

We offer a variety of services which all require a different skill set. While all of our crew members are highly skilled at painting and minor repairs, more advanced repairs and trim carpentry work may require bringing in our specialists. For specialty projects, the timing is generally longer than a basic painting project, and the hourly rate for these experts is higher than the hourly rate for a skilled painter.

Specific types of paints and materials

It is important to think about the paints and materials we will use for your project. We work with many different brands and types of paint and decide which kinds to use based on our technical knowledge of which materials are best suited to the project and our customers’ preferences. Although there are price differences between paint types, the materials are always spelled out and detailed in our written proposals and accounted for in the project’s price.

Repairs needed before painting

Lastly, the condition of the surface we’ll be painting greatly affects the quality of the finished project. We’ll need to add more labor time to your quote if there are dings, scratches, or holes that need to be sanded and filled. Surfaces like horsehair plaster or wallpaper removal also change these conditions.

Painting can improve your property value

According to Zillow, the areas we serve in Tucson have an average home value between $211,211 and $363,528.


If you’re looking to increase your property value and upgrade your home, an interior or exterior painting project is worth the investment. Interior painting can make your home more attractive and modern, while exterior painting boosts your curb appeal and protects your home from the elements. Schedule your free online estimate today to see how CertaPro Painters® of Tucson, AZ, can help you take your home to the next level.


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