Pick the Right White for Your Home

White is a no-brainer when painting your home. It’s clean and has a wide appeal. Right? Maybe. The sure-thing color often can go awry if you don’t work with the right variances and tones. Room, usage, and personal taste all play an important role in the color you end up choosing. Our experts have provided us with tips for you to make sure you get the right white for your home.

White Nuances

Oftentimes, white isn’t truly white. There are lighter, darker, brighter or tinted shades of white to be used. While some are not as obvious as others, the variances are there. If you are trying to determine the white already on your walls or ceiling, an easy way to see the differences is to hold a piece of computer paper against the color.

Room and Size

Tones and variances will be affected by several factors including size, room use, decor and part of the room. For a ceiling, aim close to perfect white. Tint the color slightly for a warm or cool feel. For walls, to make an inviting atmosphere, go with undertones in the pink, orange, red or yellow families. To calm a room, try undertones from the families of green, purple or blue. You will find that the undertones in the color give the entire room a different feel, as well as affect the way your eye sees surrounding furniture and accessories.


Lighting can make a white seem very off. Naturally, light gives off warm tones of yellow. Lamps and lights will give a cool, blue look. For naturally well-lit rooms, go with pure white or warm colors. Interior rooms that are lit by lamps mostly will need cooler undertones.


Particular areas of the country have different natural light based on geography. City-based areas will find that whites with gray tints work well. That same color in Miami, with bright sun, will look pink. Testing your color in your home will be the key to getting the right color on your project.

Pick a Few

Now that you have some knowledge of what whites to choose, it’s best to pick a few choices that could work for you. Bring them home for further testing. Still unsure? Here are the details:

Pure white is more modern than one with a color.
Bright white generally needs an undertone to make it less harsh.
If you’re still having trouble, choose something close to neutral white.


Now that you have a couple of paint chips, get sample cans of the colors you think might work. You’ll want to paint poster boards of each color. This way you can move your sample around the room. Check it in daylight, lamplight, and from other rooms. This will set you up to make the final decision.

Still Confused?

There are several colors that always sell better than others and experts recommend.
Swiss Coffee OC-45
Simply White 2143-70
Super White PM-1
White Dove OC-17

Need Help?

If you are ready to paint a new hue of white in your room, but want some help with the work, call us today! Schedule a free, in-home estimate appointment. Our color consultants are here to help as well.