How to Make an Exposed Brick Wall Work in Any Room in your Home

Exposed brick adds such a unique touch to a home. It looks good in any room and can work with any style. There are so many benefits to having exposed brick in your home. Here are some of the ways you can fully utilize it in different rooms from the experts at CertaPro Painters of East Tucson.

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If the brick is in your kitchen:

Make it modern – If you have exposed brick in your kitchen but want the kitchen to have a modern feel you can paint over the brick. You can do a white-washed brick and then pair it with brightly colored cabinets or black cabinets if color isn’t your thing.
Make an accent wall – If you have a red brick wall in your kitchen, make the rest of the kitchen white and then leave the brick wall as the accent wall. The white will really make the red brick pop.
Make it bright – If you are going for a bold look, make the walls around it a bright blue shade.

If the brick is in your bedroom:

Make it romantic – Paint over the brick with a soft white shade of paint.
Make it rustic – Add vintage painting all over the brick wall.
Make it green – Adding plants in front of any brick wall works so well. There is something about the contrast of nature with industrial that combines to create the perfect atmosphere.
Make it warm – If the color of the brick is a tan shade, chose a warm tan shade for the walls around it. Add plenty of candles and warm lighting to create the coziest room of all time.

If the brick is in your living room:

Make it pop – If the brick wall is dark, pair it with bright colored furniture. This is such a fun eclectic style that will make your home so interesting.
Make it eclectic – Create a gallery wall on the exposed brick wall.
Make it purposeful – If you don’t want to cover the exposed brick wall in shelving but still want the storage, get floating shelves. This won’t take away from the exposed brick and it will still give you a place to place some of your things.
Make it monochromatic – For example, if you have a red brick wall, paint the walls around it red as well. It will look effortlessly chic.

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