Prepare your Outdoor Area for the Spring

Spring is such a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoor of your home! Although it is not here quite yet, it will be before we know it. It is never too early to begin thinking about the preparation that will need to be done. The outdoors look especially beautiful when the warm weather comes around and all of the flowers begin to bloom again. With that being said, we want the outdoors of our home to look beautiful as well. Keep reading for some maintenance tips from CertaPro Painters® of Columbia, SC you can do (once the weather permits) to get your home looking it’s best for the spring!



-Rake the lawn and remove any debris such as branches or leaves. If they are left there, they can cause problems to the grass underneath.
-Look for any weeds that have probably sprouted during the winter. Even if they aren’t visible yet, they will probably pop up.
-Check all water system’s pipes and faucets to make sure they are in proper working order.
-Check your in-ground sprinkler system for any issues.
-Start preparation for your summer plants.
-Check to make sure you have all the proper garden equipment. (i.e. trimmers, hose, and lawnmower)

Deck and Patio

-Check for any damage such as loose, warped, or splintered boards.
-Remove any dirt, leave, etc.
-If the deck is beginning to look dingy and it needs to be stained or resealed, make an appointment with the professionals.
-Hose down the patio and all of the patio furniture.
-Check the patio for moss or mold staining.

Outdoor Furniture

-Wash your outdoor furniture by rinsing with a hose and mild soap.
-If you have metal furniture, make sure to check for rust so you can prevent any further damage from happening.
-If you have a gas grill that remained outdoors over the winter, check the burner for obstructions. Make sure the gas hose is secure.
-You can also take this time to assess what outdoor furniture you will be needing for the upcoming summer months.