Best Color Palettes for Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place that you should enjoy spending time in. It is the last place you spend time in at the end of the day and the first space you spend time in when you wake up.

Gray Paired with Jewel Tones
Light gray color with accents of deep green/olive tones or navy and royal blue can create the perfect cozy look in your bedroom. The jewel tones help to balance out the cool tone of the gray.

Light Blue Cream and Navy
These colors make the perfect bedroom. The light blue adds serenity and peace, the cream brings coziness and the navy adds in a little boldness and acts as a nice darker contrast to these two lighter colors.

Lavender Gray and Cream
Lavender is a unique color that works well as a neutral. A light shade of lavender paint that has gray undertones looks beautiful when paired with gray and cream bedding and décor. And just like light blue, lavender has a calming effect on the mind which is perfect for the bedroom.

Pale Green and Navy
A sage green color paired with navy bedding or accents creates such a beautiful bedroom that everyone will envy.

White and Cream
Clean, crisp and modern! White is always a great go-to. It allows for a lot of freedom when picking out the décor in your room. When paired with cream bedding, the room becomes a sanctuary that you won’t want to leave!

Bright Yellow and Bronze Décor
Make your room feel like sunshine this spring. If you love the way yellow conveys feelings of warmth and happiness than why not paint your room yellow? Add bronzed décor to really take this room to the next level.

Tan and Burnt Orange
Warm and dependable. Tan rooms are comforting and create a great sense of home. It is also easy to pair up with other colors. We like it when paired with a burnt orange shade. It brings the room to max comfort while still adding a pop of color.

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