What Exterior Paint Colors Will Keep the Birds and Bug Away

With the winter months upon us, you may not be thinking of painting your home until the spring. However, it’s never too early to begin to consider paint options. There are plenty of factors that go into picking that perfect color for your home. One of the things to think about is what colors will keep swarms of birds and bugs away? We all know there is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a day outdoors, but those pesky bugs won’t leave you and your friends and family alone! Keep reading for the best color options to help ensure a pleasant spring/summer season outdoors.

Birds can be more damaging to your home than you think. They can cause damage to the siding or roof of your home. Some types of birds are attracted to bright colors. Other types are attracted to darker colors that make them feel safe, such as greens, browns or greys. One color that all birds can seem to agree upon avoiding is white. White creates feelings of danger within birds so therefore they avoid it.

On the other hand, bugs are attracted to colors like white and yellow. Blues and greens aren’t as vivid to them and they tend to stay away from these colored objects. Mosquitoes, in particular, see color differently than bugs. They tend to see dark colors more easily. The darker the color the easier it is for mosquitoes to see it. White and yellow paint colors are more likely to keep them away.

When it comes down to deciding what color you are going to paint the exterior of your home it is important to assess what pest problem is occurring at your location and make your decision from there.

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