Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

Paint has huge power to transform the space of your home, office, or business — for years to come. But only if you hire the right painting contractor. The wrong one will cost you money and loads of frustration. Painting your home is a big expense, but don’t make the mistake of choosing your contractor based only on saving money. You might end up choosing an unlicensed, inexperienced, or unqualified painter that will leave you with a job that needs re-doing far too soon.

The key to hiring a good commercial painter is not just to ask plenty of questions, but to ask the right questions. There’re quite a number of factors to put into consideration, and in this article, we share some of the tips you can use to get and hire the best commercial painting contractor.

Compare Multiple Contractors

While it’s standard practice for businesses to compare different quotes before procuring a service, some companies actually don’t. There’re a number of painting contractors to choose from, and this allows you to choose the perfect fit for your unique painting needs and budget.

Insured & Licensed

When hiring a commercial painting contractor, you need to make sure they have a state-issued license. Licensing means the state has assessed them and found them sufficiently qualified to paint other people’s property. If you’re going to pay someone good money to paint your business, you need to make sure it’s going to be quality work. In the same breathe, be sure to ask for insurance. Any reputable painting company will make sure that their workers are protected through proper insurance.


Commercial painting is quite a delicate process, considering how much is at stake and how much can possibly go wrong. For this reason, it’s highly important that you hire a painter that has the experience you can count on. Be sure to ask for references when interviewing the contractors. When asking for references, inquire into projects they have done in the past that are relevant to the paint job you want done.


Unlike painting any other premises, painting a commercial property or business premise is highly time-sensitive. Your target is to have your business painted in the shortest time possible to limit interruption to business operations while still maintaining a high-quality paint job.

Ultimately, whoever you hire is going to be a part of your life for an extended amount of time. You want to choose someone who you trust, who you get along with, who will follow through on what they say they will do, and who will do a beautiful and lasting job. When you take your time getting answers to the above questions, your chances of hiring a great contractor will increase.