James (Jim) KlepserOwner & Residential/Commercial Estimator

Phone: 941-474-4470

Jim Klepser, owner of CertaPro Painters of Central SW Florida, started his painting career in 1975 at 24 years old.  He loved the gratification of helping people and producing a beautiful final product.  After working in many facets of the painting industry, Jim discovered CERTAPRO PAINTERS. This was perfect timing and exactly what he wanted. Like Jim, CertaPro Painters was a company that believed in raising the standard of quality, accountability and professionalism in the painting industry.  So in 2012, Jim and his wife, Sherrie, started CertaPro Painters of Central SW Florida.  Their goal was to bring a different level of customer service to the painting trade.  Based in Englewood, Florida, their team has performed thousands of painting projects from Venice to Sanibel, Florida.  They’ve painted for your neighbors and friends, and have probably painted a home on your block!