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Don’t Replace, Re-Paint Your Cabinets!

Over time your kitchen cabinets can get worn down from constant use. Years of use can leave your kitchen cabinets looking worn out and dingy. After deciding to update your kitchen, there is no doubt that updating your cabinets is one of the best ways to brighten up your kitchen and bring it back to life. Replacing them is always an option, but it is a costly option that will turn the heart of your home into a construction zone. Not to mention the cost. Replacing your cabinets can cost up to $10,000 dollars or more! If you’re not looking to spend that kind of money but still want the end result, painting your cabinets is a much more cost-effective way of doing things.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Painting

If you’re not looking to completely change the layout of your cabinets, refacing or refinishing them is going to be your best bet. Reface your cabinets when you want to change the style of cabinet doors in your kitchen. Paint (refinish) your cabinets if you don’t plan on buying new cabinet doors and just want a new color or clean look in the space. Refacing your cabinets is less expensive than replacing them completely and painting is your most budget-savvy option.

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Best Type of Paint for CabinetsKitchen Cabinets Painted Gray

Your cabinets need to be able to withstand constant touching, food, grease and liquid splashes so while you have a wide variety of paint options for other rooms in your home, the best paint options for cabinets is rather specific. You’ll want to go with a semi-gloss or gloss finish paint. A paint with some sheen will help brighten up the room with a highly reflective surface as well as help protect against wear and tear.

Best Colors Options for Painting Cabinets

Choosing the right color for your cabinets can be tough. That is why we recommend you leave time in your project schedule to meet with our color consultant to ensure you get a beautiful color that will complement your kitchen for years to come.

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Cost Of Cabinet Refinishing / Refacing and Painting Services

Several factors will determine the pricing of your cabinet refinishing and painting services. The size of the cabinets and the number of doors and drawers are basic factors. Other factors include whether you choose a stain or paint, whether you want them done on-site or removed, and how long the project will take.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing can provide a completely new look or an improved version of the original. If your current cabinets have started to chip, the coating begins to degrade. This can lead to wood rot or warping. Refinishing puts a halt on the decay. What’s more, it’s much less expensive than buying new cabinets.

Cabinet Painting

You can choose to have your cabinets stained, to bring out the grain of the wood, or painted, which gives you more color choices. The cost difference will depend on how detailed the cabinet is and what style you are looking for. You can invite a CertaPro Painters® of Cedar Rapids professional into your home for a quote.

Common Questions About Cabinet Painting Projects

How can I prepare my kitchen cabinets for painting?

In advance of the painting crew arriving for a cabinet painting or restoration project, we request you prepare by removing all items from the cabinets. Please put them safely away from the work area.

Do I need to remove doors or drawers before kitchen cabinet painting?

No, we will detach doors and hardware to paint them as needed during the painting project.

How much does it cost to paint or refinish cabinets?

Prices will vary depending on a variety of factors including the condition of the cabinets, the materials they are made from, and the price of new hardware like knobs and hinges.

Set up a free estimate appointment with your local independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchised business to get accurate pricing for your project.

What paint colors are trending this year for kitchen cabinets?

White, black, espresso, and grey are the most popular color choices for cabinets in 2021.

What kind of paint should be used on kitchen cabinets?

It is generally recommended you choose a high sheen paint for your cabinets. High sheen paints are easier to clean and may last longer than matte finishes for cabinets.

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